3 Sun Protection Tips Every Tennis Player Can Follow

Are you a tennis player? If yes, then quite naturally, you have to spend quality time under the sun. Undoubtedly, you will really enjoy playing tennis for hours upon hours. But have you ever thought how the UV rays of the sun can damage your skin? According to dermatologists, exposing skin to the sun is not a good idea at all; as this causes tans and other skin problems.

The worst side of sun exposure is skin cancer. To avoid the risk of skin cancer and other problems, you should protect your skin from the sun. As a tennis player, you cannot avoid playing under the sun, but what you can do is to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. In the following section, I have given some useful sun protection tips. You may consider these tips, to stay healthy and disease free.

  1. Apply Sweat Proof And Non-Greasy Sunscreen

Using sunscreen is probably the most effective way to protect skin from the sunlight. As a tennis player, you should apply a large amount of sweat-proof or sports formulated sunscreen. You should apply it, at least 20 minutes before hitting the courts. Do not forget to wear the sunscreen even on a cloudy day. Your choice of the sunscreen with SPF depends on your skin type. According to dermatologists, 30 SPF is the minimum for hot summer days.

In the heat of the match, your sunscreen can be worn off. Pay attention to reapply it every three to four hours. In case, you come across, the specific symptoms of skin cancer or other skin diseases, instead of wasting time, you should visit Glebe medical centre for early detection and advanced treatments.

  1. Dress Smart

Clothing can be considered as the first line of defence against the harmful UV rays. Although all type of clothes can provide some protection, specific materials can do a better job than the others. All tennis players who spend hours on the tennis court should use clothes with a UV ray protection factor. So, while choosing the outfits, you should keep in mind the UV protection factor. It’s better to cover your body properly with clothes for avoiding sun exposure.

  1. Use Sunglasses

Do you think that it’s only your skin that can be damaged by the sun? If you think such way, then let me tell you that your eyes are more prone to get damaged by the UV rays. To protect your eyes from the sun or to avoid risks, it’s better to use sunglasses. For an extra level of protection, you should use a specific type of glasses, made for tennis players. This special type of sunglasses usually has a sturdier build; so that they will stay fixed on your face when you play. Choose a proper type of sunglass for sun protection and to have a better vision.

With the above-given tips, hopefully, you have understood how to protect your skin and eyes while playing tennis. Now follow these tips and enjoy your tennis match.

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