4 Simple Ways to Prevent Pregnancy

Not ready for a baby? Then this article is for you. If you are sexually active, then you should know what are your options when it comes to birth control. To make it easy for you not to be pregnant is not having sex with your partner.  However not having sex seems impossible these days especially if you are so in love with your partner that you can’t even control yourself. Therefore it is better to be ready than to be sorry.

Pregnancy or gestation is when one or more offspring develops inside a woman. It can occur when you have sexual intercourse with your partner. Symptoms of early pregnancy are missed periods, tender breast, nausea and vomiting, hunger and frequent urination. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you must consider taking a pregnancy test, or you can go to an Ob-gyn to confirm if you are pregnant or not.

If you are not yet ready to be a parent then you should  know these four easy steps to prevent pregnancy:


It is not having any sexual intercourse or sex with your partner. That is why it is the only birth control method that is 100 % effective. Not only that but being abstinent with your partner will also avoid you from sexually transmitted diseases especially if you have multiple sex partners. This may be the safest way to prevent pregnancy, but it requires a lot of discipline and self-control. You and your partner should agree to be abstinent or else you fail to this birth control.  You must have a solid reason to stick in this kind of method.

Natural Birth Control

It is the cheapest birth control since it is using the natural ways of avoiding pregnancy without using any medications. You need to be aware and observant to your body and menstrual cycle. One of the methods under natural birth control is withdrawal. It is when the penis is removed from the vagina before ejaculation. The risk of pregnancy upon using this method is 2 out of 10. If you are having a problem with self-control, then this method might not work for you.

You can also try basal body temperature. This method involves observing a woman’s temperature every morning. The woman’s body temperature drops about 1-degree Fahrenheit to 24 hours before her ovary releases an egg. If that happens, then she is very fertile; therefore you should not be having sex with your partner.

Natural birth control allows you to enjoy every bed scenes with your partner, but it only has a very low assurance of you not getting pregnant with this method.


For people who believe with natural healing then this method is for you. Taking herbs can also prevent pregnancy. Advocates of natural healing prefer using the herb as birth control than chemical based. This method is not a therapeutic approved; therefore for you to be safe, it is advised that you should talk with your doctor about uses and options. Usual herbs being used with birth control are stoneseed root, thistle, wild carrot seed, and ginger root.

They are being boiled with water and taken like a coffee or tea. This method might be less expensive, but this is not 100% safe. It has a high risk of getting pregnant. However, you might consider this method since herbs can be taken anywhere and you can even plant them in your front yard.

Over the Counter Birth Control

This method has a very low risk of being pregnant when used because it is designed for that purpose. It is being studied, tested and even approved by a specialist. This might cost you a lot of money for every sexual intercourse, but it’s more effective. Upon using this method, you should have them before, during or after sexual intercourse. It works in different ways; Hormonal birth control methods work to prevent ovulation.

Taking birth control pills is one way of hormonal birth control. It is considered by swallowing the tiny pill every day. You should not miss a day without taking the pill or else you fail this method, and there is a high possibility of you getting pregnant. Examples of these pills are Alesse, Apri, Aranelle, Avianne, Enpresse, Lessina and more.

You can also use barriers to prevent the man’s sperm from reaching an egg; one of the obstacles that you can easily use and buy are condoms. It is a thin rubber sheath worn on man’s penis during sexual intercourse. It will also protect you from any infections. There are other barriers you can use like diaphragms and cervical caps and way more expensive.

OTC birth control has high effectiveness of not getting pregnant, but they are also expensive that others can’t afford it. However, you can do smart buying by taking advantage of discounts that are being offered by other pharmacies or discount vouchers like Altavera coupon. They offer very big discounts that allow you to enjoy your every purchase without worrying about the price.


Making love with your partner can be the most wonderful feeling, but if you are not ready to have a baby, then you should consider being an expert in using different types of birth control. Having a baby is a lifetime decision you should make therefore being responsible for your sexual activities is very important. Using birth control is your personal decision, but it is also a medical one.

Be careful of using each birth controls no matter if it is natural, herbs or OTC birth control, there are exceptions that you should consider. If you are not sure, you better talk to a doctor or a specialist that can discuss everything you need to know on how to use the methods. In that way, you will know what is the most effective and safest way you can apply to yourself.

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