5 Things to Keep In Mind While Printing Business Cards for Your Business

Whether you are an established business owner, a freelancer or co-founder of a young startup, a business card is the visual extension of your business.

If you are thinking about printing business cards, then you need to keep in mind two crucial elements i.e. the perfect logo and the right pigment scheme.

These two elements play a crucial role in developing your business cards; it also acts as a quick snapshot of your business.

Once you have your brand logo, right pigments, and an accurate idea of what you actually want your card to reflect, you’re ready to go. Follow some of these tips for getting the best business cards:

Appropriate Details That Your Business Card Contain

In pre-digital days, business cards were more like calling cards including your name, company’s name and your contact details. Now, digitalization has taken all over the world including business communications. Currently, the cards are embedded with features like email address, social ids, website, etc.

Now this is where the problem starts, people will be less likely to remember the primary details, when you put too much information than required.

Check out some of the text information to mention in your business cards:

  • Make sure you do that you are offering like Printivity and the tag line beneath your brand name or somewhere else on the card.
  • Mention the details like your website, email address and contact number only if you want customers to call you.
  • You can include physical address if you allow your customers to visit it.

It Should Be Neat

Pay attention to the color requirements and width of your card. Less is the more, sleek business card is considers the better one! Once you have the great-looking logo, you can finalize the design. Provide spaces in the right places.

There is another activity you can do to make your card look neat is to show what you want to communicate. What your brand is all about as an individual or business? What’s the company want to say with the design?

Do Not Stick To One Design, Shape And Size. Try Experimenting!

Do not close your business cards by deciding one design at the moment. It is relatively affordable so, Try different designs, graphics, styles, paper quality, shape, and size. Then make a note of how people are responding. Eventually, you will find layout and result that suits you the best.

Pay Attention to the Back of Your Card As Well

Most of the business persons do not recognize to provide accurate details on the back of your card.

So, make sure to use both sides of the card giving the correct details. This not only maximizes the potential of the graphic designs, but you will also be able to customize the back side of your card.

Further, you can also add another segment of valuable information, such as location and amusing slogans.

Print Services

Some businesses have invested both time and money on the layout of the card, while other companies have used standard templates and images. Everyone’s choice varies!

You will find abundant of options to get your card printed. However, if you want your card to look more precise, you can hire a professional designer. Once you got the correct person, try to communicate clearly about your business, so your designer can turn your vision into actuality.  


Regardless of the fact, you like or not; business cards consider being the statement of your company.

Take a few minutes of reflection about your company; business cards proved to be a crucial aspect when it comes to determining your brand identity.

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