6 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with a VPS

VPS is short for a virtual private server. There are many interesting things a virtual private server can do, but it is mostly used to host websites. It is able to run anything that runs on a standard Linux box. A virtual private server is always on; always connected. It also allows you to run several virtualized operating systems on a single machine. One of its greatest benefits is its privacy, hence the name virtual “private” server. It mainly promotes the privacy and security of your data through encryption. Below are some interesting and fun things you can do with VPS hosting.

  1. Have Your Own Cloud

Yes! You can actually have your own cloud where you can sync data, contacts and even calendars. That it is a virtual private server just goes to show how secure anything in your cloud will be. Having a virtual private server gives you root access to the cloud to keep everything under your control.

  1. Have Your Private Sync Service

There are a number of data syncing cloud-based platforms such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Dropbox, for instance, allows you to sync data between multiple devices. Although it makes things easier, the idea of having your private data on a third-party server you have no control of is disturbing, especially if it is highly sensitive data. Your own VPS is akin to having to a personal Dropbox without the security concerns.

  1. Run Your Own VOIP Server

VOIP is basically what allows you to make free calls through Skype, Zoom, Imo, etc. These applications are among a group of software known as a softphone. The software simulates the functions of a phone but on a computer.

  1. Control Your IoT Devices

IoT stands for ‘internet of things’. If your business uses a lot of devices with sensors attached to them, and perhaps some smart devices, you can use your virtual private server as a hub for managing those devices. You can easily push the data gathered by these devices to your virtual private network. From here, you can have it analyzed with a management tool of your choice.

  1. Encrypt Wireless Connections

Connecting your devices to public wireless networks is dangerously insecure.  A virtual private network helps by converting data into code between a device and an online server to stop any unauthorized access. This simply means if someone is trying to hack your device, they will not understand any of the information or data they find. Code is the language of computers. Encrypting a wireless connection also has the added advantage of being able to access region-blocked content, especially on movie services like Netflix and others.

  1. You Can Automate Almost Everything

If you happen to have a game or media server, you can automatically manage it by running a bot off your virtual private server. A bot is a software that does automated tasks. It mostly performs repetitive tasks.

There are endless possibilities as to what you can do with a virtual private server.

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