7 Common Mistakes Needs to Avoid in PUBG

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, alas, PUBG, is one of the most famous games in the world right now. The number of players engaging in the game is huge. Since the PUBG fever is not settling anytime soon, more and more players are not being a part of the madness.

It is one of the most popular Battle Royale game that started its journey in late 2017. The game was stated to be a ‘work-in-progress’ but the fans took the fame to a whole new level. One of the most interesting thing about PUBG is that players have not seen a game so intense and real-life. There is danger lurking in every corner which gives all the thrills and chills to the players.

With gaining popularity, PUBG Corp (game developers) introduced the game in smartphone free of cost. Now suddenly, instead of running to buy PUBG for PC or Xbox, people are opting for PUBG mobile. Players are surely looking for ways to buy PUBG for cheap in PC and other platforms, but most players are opting for PUBG mobile.

PUBG Mobile offers the same intense gaming experience only bought to the small screen. It is pretty simple on the surface but it does require so much experience and skills to get that ‘Chicken Dinner.’

Before you dive into the gun-frenzy world of PUBG, you have to learn about the basics of the game. If you have understood the basics of the game, below tips might help you win ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.’

7 things you should refrain from doing in PUBG

  1. Say no to high pings

Say no to high pings

PUBG lets you use a server as well as let you access the ping rate of it. Most players stick to a single server no matter if it has high pings or not. High pings mean slower internet connection due to which players may witness some lags and glitches in the game. Try going through the server pings before starting the match.

  1. Don’t land in a crowded place 

Don’t land in a crowded place

There are more 99 players who are in the game to do the same thing, ‘get chicken dinners.’ If you are planning to land on places like Pochinki, Georgopol, San Martin, Paradise Resort, Bootcamp or any other, just don’t. If you are a skilled PUBG player then it’s not a bad idea, if you are a newcomer or need to get the chicken desperately, trying landing on lonely sites.

  1. Refrain from every weapon you find 

Refrain from every weapon you find

Getting all the guns without knowing your preference is a bad idea. If you are an expert sniper, why would you even roam around with a shotgun? Use the guns which can help you prevail in the game. Get all the best attachments for the guns so that you can do more damage to the enemies.

  1. Don’t be deaf

Don’t be deaf

PUBG forces players to stay aware of all the surroundings. The game includes a mini-map which can tell players the location of enemies, gunshots and vehicles. Wearing headphone while playing PUBG mobile can assist the player to hear approaching footsteps and vehicles.

  1. Don’t shoot crazily

Don’t shoot crazily

Imagine having a pistol and shooting an enemy who is 300 meters away. If you locate an enemy, act smart while shooting as shooting also gives away your location. Make sure that you can kill the enemy and then shoot. Shoot to kill!

  1. Don’t roam around the open ground

Don’t roam around the open ground

Open ground is the most basic spot and can make you brutalized with shots. Players, who roam around the open space have no space to take cover and crawling won’t help that much. Opt for places where you can take cover, peek and shoot. While receiving shots, most people start running in the opposite direction or lay down rather than taking cover. This only makes the enemies take better aim at you.

  1. Do not go for supply drops

Do not go for supply drops

Supply drops are rarely worth it. If you are lucky, you might find cool stuff like a ghillie suit, AWM (sniper), level 3 helmet, etc. But there are times when you might find an empty create or useless equipment. Don’t go running towards the supply drops if you find one. Try observing the nearby area of the drop to ensure that there are no enemies camping nearby.

It is easy to buy PUBG, it’s even easier to download it in the phone and play it. But having the skills to win the game is hard to come by. The battle royale game is exciting but needs a ton of practice to be the last man standing. If you are thinking about starting the game, the above tips might help your cause of getting ‘chicken dinners.’

Play Pubg game  like a pro. Practice as much as you can and you will definitely prevail.

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