8 Fashion Pieces You Can Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Closet!

If you have been in the ‘ I don’t have anything to wear’ phase more times than you can admit, here’s a solution: get into your boyfriend’s closet and steal his clothes!

Yes, it’s cute to try your boyfriend’s clothes, it’s not easy as simply putting on things and moving out.  Looser fitting clothes can make you look shabby and can hamper your overall appearance.

However, despite all this, if you still want to drown yourself into those long, loose T-shirts and oversized shirts and jackets, here’s how you can ace the look:

*Caution:  These outfits will compliment more on you than on your boyfriend, and he can’t help              but envy you for being his fashion fiesta:

The White Shirt:

A white shirt is a key piece! It’s that piece of cloth that can take you from formal office look to the casual dinners and date nights.

Also, men’s shirts are crisper both in fit and fabric; pair it with your trouser, denim or shorts, and you are ready to look gorgeous. Tuck it in the fitted skirt and wear it for formal meetings.

Fashion Pieces

The Tuxedo Jackets:

Oversized tuxedo jackets look super sexy on women and also make one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. Pair it with jeans or leggings or simply place them on your shoulders, the options are endless. Scrunch up the sleeves if the arms look too long.

Oversized T-Shirt:

Oversized T-shirt stolen from your boyfriend’s closet will act more than just a sleep shirt. While you can pick any printed or textured T-shirt like the Ronald Reagan T-shirt, plain ones go perfectly with every outfit.

Tuck it in the jeans or tie it up in a knot and wear it like a crop top. Don’t want to tuck it, keep it oversized and wear them with shorts.

Boyfriend Jeans:

Boyfriend jeans are loose and fit relaxed. However, the key to finding the perfect one is to pick the one that compliments your curves and body. Try them with lighter-washed pairs, cuff from the ankles and accessorise with the belt to complete the look.

Pair it with heels for classy look and T-shirt, and you are good to go! Want them to be the part of your girl’s night out? Team it with the glittery tops and high shine items like sequins and turn your casual look into the glam-ready outfit.

The relaxed texture of denim will neutralize the glam of glitters and also minimizes the casual appeal of the denim.

His Sweatshirt:

Give your boyfriend’s sweatshirt a glam and twist your look by pairing it with dresses and skirts. Try it with the lace skirts, sequin dresses, collared necklaces and give your overall look a fresh spin.  Want to try something tomboyish?

Grab your favorite pair of denim and flats, and you are ready to go. Try them with heels with a shirt and cap for an effortlessly chic and cool look.

Denim Jackets:

Denim jackets are everywhere! From oversized ones to the fitted jackets, they are perfect for covering your shoulders on those chilly winter days. Team it with the tight jeans or with the flirty dress to bring the glitz in your overall look.

His Cardigan:

Men’s cardigans are stylish and give a perfect slouchy look. Besides, they can be worn with any dress or denim and look great on a tank or blouse.

Team it with the leather skinnies and sneakers or high ankle boots with the sleeves rolled up. For messier and girl-next-door look, leave it to unbutton for the relaxed, understated and messy vibe.

Flannel Shirt:

Want to look low-key on the weekend, grab your boyfriend’s flannel and button it down.  Pair them with skinny jeans or wear it as a dress,  the choice is yours.  Go for skinny jeans to balance the oversized shirt; roll up the sleeves or half tuck in the jeans to highlight your waist and shape.

So, that completes the list! For days, when you want little experiment with your looks, go rummage your boyfriend’s closet, who knows you might find gems over there!

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