8 Social Media Tools that Agencies and Freelancers are Using in 2020

Social media is a powerful tool to make any business reach the top of the ladder in a short time. Social media is required by every freelancer for winning new clients. Networking is essential for demonstrating the talent of  Freelancers on social media. Their names must be searchable on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for winning every work. Freelancers must keep their clients engaged and aware of their work to return for a new project. Being active in social media is very important to build a better career and long-lasting relationship with the clients. Similarly, it is very easy to find new clients through social media and show the clients their previous successes grab new offers. 

In this article, we are highlighting 8 Social media tools that agencies and freelancers are using in 2020 for enhancing their performance:

  1. Sendible:

Sensible is highly suitable for managing major social media sites and blogging platforms. This is one of the best SMM (Social Media Management) tools in the market. You can get it free for a trial period of 30 days, and you can manage up to 20 social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress, Blogger.com, Medium, etc., It has a built-in content library, content suggestions, RSS Feed Poster and Design tool, and Canva for creating accurate and visually splendid reports. They have excellent automation tools for bulk-scheduling of your content. Sendible also has marketing automation tools for lead and target drives for your business. Sendible is available in the play store as a mobile App.

  1. TweetDeck:

Freelancers and agencies who need to manage Twitter accounts with real-time tracking, engagement, and organizing. TweetDeck allows you to schedule the tweets and make you change the scheduled time when required. Moreover, it will enable you to add GIFs and images along with your message. Though the free version does not have any analysis and reports, its premium version has many features to help improve the  Tweeting experience with alerts, advanced activity analysis, and trends. Tweets analysed are brought under one customizable dashboard. It is a free tool for Web App, Mac App, and Chrome extensions. TweetDeck is the best Tweet app among the eight social media tools that agencies and freelancers are using in 2020. Video editors, too, have been using good video editing tools like InVideo to post and promote them on TweetDeck.

  1. Hemingway App

Hemingway’s app is the writing tool that agencies and freelancers are using in 2020. Hemingway is an editing app that corrects the grammar, sentence structure and fluency of your writing and makes your writing look better. It has a free version that highlights the areas that need more attention and can be written directly in the app. This Proofreading tool fixes problems in the complex words and lines with many adverbs or frequent use of passive voice instances. Freelancers can use this app for handling book chapters and longer texts.

  1. Harvest:

Harvest is the best time tracking app that was developed to manage time efficiently. It is handy for businesses and individuals to take advantage of tracking the projects against the budgets to understand where the team’s progress is heading going. It creates charts to help you understand your growth in the current month and compare it to the previous. The design is straightforward and easy to use. You can assign time to different projects and modify them when required. Small and medium companies and freelancers can use this tool for time-management. You can use this app on all devices. This is my favourite app among the eight social media tools that agencies and freelancers are using in 2020. If you want to promote your video projects on Harvest too, get your hands on InVideo and experience the simplest and fanciest video editing- because nothing is as good as a video editing software that is comprehensive!

  1. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is the leader in the Social media tools that agencies and freelancers are using in 2020 to help the customers to get quality leads, promote their content and increase social traffic. You can send private messages and assign tasks to your team with an excellent time management facility. You can customize your analytics system and schedule posts on platforms. It has a free plan, a pro plan with a limited $8.99/month, and custom pricing for unlimited access for small and large organizations.

  1. Buffer:

Buffer is the best of 8 social media tools that agencies and freelancers are using in 2020. Using Buffer is simple and works great to add social media accounts and manage them. Buffer is a cloud-based SMM tool used to create posts, assign tasks to the team and schedule social media posts and track its performance. Buffer can be used for publishing content and managing online communities most efficiently. There are 2 million active users of Buffer, and they use it to share their posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +. You can schedule posts at multiple platforms and get direct analytics for the posts, and Buffer helps you identify the perfect moments for scheduling tweets and increase the exposure to staying at the top of the trends. For creating these photos and videos that you’re going to post on Buffer, trust InVideo. With a photo and video editing software as good as InVideo, you are sure to get the maximum social media presence.

  1. Social Booster:

Social Booster boosts your social media links by creating more traffic in your profile and thus improves your engagement with the audience. You can automate your messages and posts in your media months in advance. Social Booster supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. They also offer 24 x 7 customer support for all your queries. Best automated tool among the eight social media tools that agencies and freelancers are using in 2020.

  1. eClincher:

Top-notch of the 8 Social media tools that agencies and freelancers are using in 2020 for more features is eClincher. eClincher allows users to schedule content, publish and monitor social media activity and report traffic. eClincher has a powerful content suggestion feature to help freelancers to improve their content. Similarly, they are more functional than other tools with the highest recommendation ratings among SMM software.


So, what are you waiting for? As a freelancer, individual, business or agency- you can get your hands on InVideo to create the best photos and videos and make the most of a video editing software as good as it- and promote it on these tools to experience the widest reach!

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