9 useful tips from a Plumber to avoid and solve some problems

As a general rule, maintenance problems in the home tend to arise at the wrong time. During the weekend, a holiday or any day at night. And it is not that it is a plot of destiny; the explanation is very simple: One Sunday, one weekend or one day between the nightly newspapers are usually the free time that we have, outside working hours, to make those “fixes” at home with the fundamental objective of to save the call to the expert technician in the matter (and to save us the money of a service to which in these cases the plus of nocturnal or festive is added to him

“Too many times a simple problem ends up becoming an expensive disaster, many of the plumbing problems can be solved more easily and economically if inexperienced owners do not try to save money.” Plumber are here to help. Call one “explained the plumber everything

We invite you to take a look at some tips and we hope that they will be useful for you and take into account when you have to pay for yourself when you have a plumbing fault at home. And you know, in case of doubt consult the expert plumber.

  1. When buying a new shower valve, the availability of spare parts is more important than anything else.
  2. The main cause of the shower head being clogged is hard water. Hard water or calcareous water has a high concentration of magnesium and calcium. This problem can be solved permanently by installing a water filter. This will also help to avoid the accumulation of soap scum on the doors or curtains of the shower.
  3. Never use a gel plunger in a drain that is completely clogged unless the water moves, even a little. The chemicals will simply stay there, possibly ruining the surface of the bathtub shower.
  4. When using a manual plunger in a clogged bathtub, always drain excess water.
  5. A standard shower head must always be sealed to the threads of the pipe with Teon tape. Most parts with which it comes are always unnecessary.
  6. Manual single lever shower valves now include temperature balancing technology. This means that when someone else uses a toilet, you will stop feeling that hot water jet from hell.
  7. Silicone should never be used to seal a drain. Use plumbing putty instead.
  8. Unless the pipe is the right size, a rain shower head will not have much ow.
  9. If you have to replace a rubber or leather washer, and you do not find one with the same outside diameter as you need, buy the larger size immediately and break it. This can be done by hand, rubbing with sandpaper, placing the washer on the auger of an electric drill (look for one that has the same inside diameter of the washer, so that it does not turn in the auger) and rubbing it on the Sandpaper while the drill is rotating, or inserting it into a small tube, screwdriver, etc., and rubbing it on an emery stone as it turns. You must be careful to reduce your partner, otherwise, you spoil it.

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