A Call to Arms After the Trade Show

After a long day, you only want to put your feet up and bask in the cool breeze. Maybe have a beer in hand. After a trade show, you would like to do the same. However, the most important part of a conference as large as this is after the dust settled. To immediately follow-up on possible leads and sales is vital.

You already stored the booth that the trade show stall constructor in Orlando has made and the venue closes down, what should you do next?


See that list of contact information you have collected during the show, make use of them, IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait for days to pass by. Show them how important they truly are by going after them a day after the conference. But of course, you have to make sure that it should sound professional and well-tailored. To do so means that it might be worth it to plan the follow-up campaign before the show. That way, when it ends, you can start your campaign immediately.


A mistake that most businesses do is using the same well-tailored message for all their leads, and that is a huge mistake. Leads that you gathered with the booth that was made by a trade show stall constructor in Orlando know when it is not made specifically for them. They have been doing this for years, they would know.

Having said that, it is important to tailor messages to the individual. At the very minimum, make sure to address the name of the show and also, mention their name, or their company at least.


A good message is one that has been thought over, and in several articles, they have always been highlighted. However, what makes a well-made message to follow-up leads?

  • Always have a call to action. Be direct in doing so. Meaning, rather than saying “to learn more” or “for more information”, it would be better if you would say “download…” or “read through…” or “watch…”. This way, leads are given that urge to make a move.
  • Include a picture where you can. Make sure to include the booth made by the trade show stall constructor in Orlando. This is just so you can remind the leads who you are among the many companies that they have spoken to that same day.
  • Offer them a range of options that can further your engagement with the contact. By doing so, you will be able to qualify which ones are worth going after.
  • Do not forget your representative’s contact details

Following up on any lead after the trade show is vital, and it should be done immediately. Otherwise, you will run the risk of the person forgetting that you ever talked during the trade show. Always make an effort, and rest when you have to. The temptation to rest all the time afterwards is strong, but with a little more perseverance, you may be able to rest a lot longer in the long run.

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