A Comprehensive Guide to Stay Healthy During Winters!

Winter is the most beautiful time of the year. The white snow and snow angels make winter a joyous experience. As much as it is pretty, it can be the cause of many people’s discomfort. It is natural for the human body to become slightly weaker as one grows older.

The cold weather can be harsh on people suffering from pain. Cold weather causes minute changes in our body’s bones. Our body becomes more sensitive during the winters. This is the reason why many people feel more pain in their joints during winter more than other seasons.

Since winter aggravates pain, it can be a constant companion throughout this season. This pain can become a hindrance to your day to day chores. Slowing down or compromising on your work is definitely not the right way to deal with this problem. Here are a few ways how you can deal with winters:

  • Dress Correctly:Joints become very sensitive during winters. If they come into direct contact with the freezing breeze, it is likely that you will feel more pain on that day. Apart from other pain relief options, dressing properly is the key to keep yourself safe from winters, especially when you go out. Make sure that you are properly covered from head to toe. Using gloves, socks and scarves would help give the extra protection you need. Stay dry and hygienic; you can use bacteria detecting towels that dry 3x faster than an average towel. Moreover, its bacteria free, dirt and sweat free. Add more layers to your clothing than what you normally wear as it increases insulation to cold weather.
  • TENS Machine:The Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulator is a small device which uses mild electric current to reduce pain. The electrodes are placed on the area of pain. The machine blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain. TENS is best when you are looking for immediate relief. It is also easy to carry around and safe to use, keeping in mind the precautions. It creates a tingling feeling and the current creates a warming sensation near the bones, reducing inflammation and acting as a massager.

How It Helps You:

  • As it decreases inflammation, you instantly are able to move your joints more
  • No use of drugs is required. This reduces the risks of side-effects.
  • The machine also widens the blood vessels, increasing circulation in that area. More blood flow encourages faster healing. This will delay the pain sensation for a longer time than medicines.
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated:It is a human tendency to reduce the consumption of water when it is cold outside. During summers, the dehydration of the body is very evident and makes us want to quench our thirst immediately. We fail to understand that it is the same even in winters. Dehydration makes us weaker, and pain tolerance decreases. Drinking sufficient is one way to stay safe.
  • Stay Active/ Exercise:Although staying in your bed and wrapping yourself in a blanket can seem like the best idea, you will feel cold the second you move. It is good to be active, move around and do things as you usually do them. This will make your body warm and cozy. Another way to avoid feeling cold is to exercise. If it is too cold to go out, simply exercise indoors. Some stretching will definitely loosen your body.
  • Vitamin D:This vitamin in the body is responsible for absorbing calcium and making the bones grow. Naturally, a deficiency in Vitamin D will lead to many bone related problems. Studies have proven that such a deficiency can cause arthritis and osteoporosis. To gain enough vitamin D, step out every time it is sunny, especially in the morning hours. Another way is to take vitamin D food supplements after consulting the doctor.
  • Physical Therapy:In some cases, the pain might be too stubborn to budge. When this happens, it is best to seek help from a physical therapist. Being professionals, they guide us through mild exercises that help heal the pain. People who are older find therapy very helpful and relieving.
  • Anti Inflammatory:Winters cause inflammation in the bones. There are certain foods that can be taken as a natural way to reduce inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acid, which is extracted from fish, is a great anti-inflammatory agent. They come in capsules as well as other foods like sardines, tuna, salmon etc. Omega 3 is also present in nuts and seeds like flaxseeds, soya bean oil, canola oil, and more. Another agent that can work wonders is ginger. Using ginger in the morning tea or adding a little bit of it into anything you cook will do the trick.

There are a few other ways to keep your bones safe. Always make sure that you use hot water. Be it for bathing or simply washing your hands. Warm water soothes the bones, unlike cold water. Using hot packs, getting oil massages and acupuncture also reduce joint pain.

Hope above tips will help keep you warm and safe. You never have to fear the winter again.

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