A road trip through the Nevada, Arizona, and Utah

Road trips are always awesome especially if you have your loved ones around. If you are planning a road trip through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, then you have made the right decision because there are lots of good experiences waiting for you. Have you ever thought of moving around the United States with your family in the summer? If no, then it is time to give it a trial by choosing the best time to travel around with your family. Nevada, Arizona, and Utah are some of the most visited states in the United States for so many reasons that include entertainment, learning and many more.

Before you set on this mission, it is always advisable to pack needed commodities to enjoy the trip. It should be noted that there are many points and locales one could easily stop by to have fun from this journey. Some of the places that will make your journey a great one are;

Valley of the fire state park, Nevada – this is situated in a good environment at is 1 hour away from Nevada. If you have traveled on this route before, and you have not visited this beautiful park, then you have denied yourself, your friends, family and loved ones the right to partake in the world of fun. This famous park has the best splash pad and playgrounds you ever imagined. The interior of this park was built in the United States of America architectural style with the amazing looks though it’s old. The Park has the best picnic sites and sporting ground; it would be so lovely to take pictures with friends and family in this park. Valley of the fire state park, Nevada is one of the best parks on the route that you should visit. It is pet-friendly, so if you are a lover of pets, then you should visit this park. The Valley of fire state park has a lot of grounds for picnics, Sports. It is a great park to have a stopover.

Grand Canyon National park, Arizona – after a long trip from Nevada, it is the time to enjoy your trip by visiting this great park. This is one of the best tourist spots one could visit to make your trip a memorable one, and you will never regret at the end because it has a lot of beautiful things that are worthy of viewing. It is located in Arizona. You could spend a whole day in this park if you have the time to because a few hours won’t be enough to explore the beautiful things present in the park. When you are traveling through Arizona with your kids, you will enjoy it because the park has a lot of exciting packages for children some of which are playground, swings and perimeter loop trail for kids also there is multi-use sports court for adults and children. All these will make your trip a fulfilled one.

If you are outside the states, and you want to visit Arizona or any other state in the country and does not know how to go about getting here then you should find out if your country is listed among the countries with visa waiver program because if yes, all you need is the ESTA instead of a visa. The question, do I need to apply for ESTA? Can be answered if you know which side your home country belongs to. Note, if your country does not belong to the countries with the visa waiver program then you need a visa to get to the USA. Check ESTA status for better options.

Log Haven restaurant, Utah – finally we are in Utah, and it would be better to have some food in that stomach. This famous restaurant is known for its best taste and has many outlets in Utah. Log Haven restaurant has the best dishes, well-arranged seats, and a lovely interior and exterior decoration which will surely amaze you. More so, there are spots in these same restaurants that are purposely made for taking pictures and which will give you a well picturesque look. Log Haven restaurant is located at 6451 Millcreek Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84109, USA. Visit this restaurant today for your best enjoyment.

Rimrock restaurant – this is another destination to feed your stomach in Utah. If you are looking for the best restaurant serving the best chicken with the best taste, then you should pick the right choice by going to Rim rock restaurant that is located at 2523 UT-24, Torrey, UT 84775, USA. The famous restaurants do not only sell the best pizza but also serves the best enchiladas and tacos. Mews Tavern restaurant has been in existence for a very long period and has never disappointed any of their customers as they take good care of their dishes before serving them.

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