Advancement In Medical Science

Most of us do not even know how far science especially medical science has come. Over the past few decades, medical science has advanced so much, which was unimaginable to our grandparents and would seem like fiction. Starting from test tube baby, measles and plague vaccines, artificial heart and kidney transplant, eye donation and replacement etc, it has been a long journey. The improvement of medical science has increased the life span of people to an average of 90 years.

Age-old herbal treatment has come up

 In ancient times, people used to rely only on herbs and products made from natural substances to treat diseases. There was no chemical formula yet discovered then to treat them. That practice has come up all over again. People again have started to follow the age old medicinal practices and therapies to improvise both their mental and physical health. Chemical formulas have their own side effects, whereas natural substances do not have any side effects at all. Also consumption of natural medicine makes us closely associated with nature and natural products. We therefore realize the importance of natural preservation for preserving our ecosystem. Now a days people have also very cautious about food and lifestyle. They have understood the importance of eating healthy for healthy living, and a healthy lifestyle for achieving the best mental health. Fast food corners are getting replaced with stalls with availability of food items such as salads, juices, soups and boiled foods.

What is Cyberknife treatment

With the advancement of medical science and technology, we have reached a stage where a person can get operated without the application of a single knife on his skin, but with complete accuracy. Such treatment is known as cyber knife treatment. Mostly used for removing deadly tumors, its use has been seen in treating other diseases such as brain cancer, prostrate cancer, liver cancer, lungs cancer, breast cancer, and other types of cancerous cells as well. This treatment is absolutely painless with no blood loss, and does not even require anesthesia. Patients can resume their daily activities immediately after going through this kind of surgery. Cyber knife treatment in India, has also secured a good position in the treatment of critical diseases, especially tumors. The accuracy and perfection to which the diseases get treated are remarkable and seems like fiction, but its way beyond that.

Cyber Knife Treatment – Success Story

Cyber knife treatment has come a long way as far as its application for treatment is concerned. Though reports suggest that it comes with zero side effects, nausea and fatigue are some of the side effects that have been observed among patients. Cyber knife treatment being expensive is not very easily affordable for common people, but the good news is that cyber knife treatment is covered under insurance. Many hospitals have recently started to offer cyber knife treatment facilities at subsidized prices for common people. In most cases the subsidy is provided by the Govt. The suffering and pain associated with under knife operations, chemotherapy and radiation therapy has been eased out by cyber knife treatment. This treatment has really been a milestone in the history of medical science. Medical science and technology has advanced so much that it is sometimes hard to believe that certain things are now absolutely possible which meant nothing but the arrival of doomsday previously.

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