Assess your weaknesses when studying for the NBCOT® Exam

Are you one of those Occupational Therapist students for the NBCOT® Exam who gets anxious during your study period?

We definitely got some good news for you.

Do not get scared or anxious about the exam because there is an online learning hub that can help you study correctly for the upcoming test–

It is normal that one get nervous or uneasy for a Board-certification test but that does not mean you allow your feelings to consume you.

First, you need to build up some confidence and trust with yourself. The only person that knows better than anyone else is YOU, which is why you have to fight it. Believe in yourself that you can do it.

Start off with the things you know you are capable of; how focused can you get, what materials you have available and open yourself to other strategies that can help you be prepared as much as possible.

What’s good about is that they can help you assess your weaknesses during the study period and help you make it better. Pass the OT has an effective approach for your preparatory test. They help you assess, address, test, and master.

Assessing yourself is the most important part because this is where you try to do some adjustments to keep the study prep focused and target based.

There is nothing wrong with knowing your weaknesses. In fact, it can help you a lot. Knowing your weakness can trim and list down which part of the exams you see as incomprehensible and improve it with the help of Pass the OT’s online module or personal tutoring. That is when you will address the matter of your exam difficulty.

Over 2000 students pass the NBCOT® exam with the help of Pass the OT since 2013. Most of the students commend about the professional tutors who gave their dedication to helping them.

After taking into focus the topics you find difficult to understand, that when you test yourself.

They have timed quizzes, audio recordings & video of lessons, simplified charts which can help them understand objectively. They have a reasonable payment plan and an educational one-on-one online tutoring where they do test exercises with practice questions, relay some clear rationale and do quick sorting of details for the OT students and examinees.

This is where they have a timed assessment test with 100-200 questionnaires that just like how they will have it in the NBCOT® exam. An analysis of the results will be presented for an individual to know his or her weaknesses and strengths in the test.

Pass the OT’s method can help you take more time and focus on those parts to get the desired score for it. Once you start doing this, the rest will just follow your flow.

This is why there is nothing wrong with assessing or evaluating yourself. It can help you a lot in many things and most importantly master the topics you have studied and answered it right in the NBCOT® exam.

What’s great about them is that they cater and adjust for your convenience. A student won’t get tired or bored of reading because they have several techniques that can enhance their learnings just like listening to audio recordings, take mini quizzes or thru a Skype conversation with a tutor.

Here are Pass the OT’s modules that are easy to use for studying:

  • 1800 timed or untimed question rationale
  • 30 detailed charts, 40 videos, and activities
  • Assessment test with strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • 25 key topic mini quizzes
  • Final comprehensive exam, accommodation quizzes
  • Highlighted study material, clinical simulations
  • Accessible modules via mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop
  • Skype online tutoring sessions

They did not only helped repeat taker students, but they have also helped some raise their scores to 101 points, helped ESL students and those who have learning disabilities.

The tutoring sessions via Skype can not only help you get in details with the questions but also help you boost up your confidence with the help of the tutor who can make it quite easy for you to take. With this, you won’t have anxiety problems during your NBCOT® exam.

There are about 200 colleges and university got OT students who passed the NBCOT® exam with the help of Pass the OT thus this makes it a great study prep choice for you.

With consideration of the finances, offers 50% discount to enrollees and even give it for free if you take four in their study courses

Pass the OT is owned and operated by a private entity and is not endorsed or affiliated by the National Board Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT®).

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