Avoid Carbonated Drinks and Switch to Water and Juices This Summer

Carbonated drinks taste more refreshing, especially during hot summer days. However, they do more damage to your body than good. This article is for those health conscious people who want to stay as healthy as they are right now even after a couple of decades.

Let’s starts with why you must say a big no to carbonated drinks. Firstly, these sodas are made of nothing but sugar. Along with this sweet poison, manufacturers put a lot of preservatives and artificial flavours and colours in them to improve their texture and taste. In reality, each one of them may take a toll on your health after long-term consumption. Here are some reasons why you completely cut-off soft-drinks:

Sugar the sweet poison

Every 600 ml bottle of carbonated approximately contains 64 grams of sugar in it, meaning 16 sachets of sugar. Imagine the amount of sugar you will put inside your body with every bottle down. Consuming an excess amount of sugar leads to many health complications like cardiac diseases and atherosclerosis (clogging of blood vessels).

Unwanted pounds

Sugar means calories, and drinking all those calories from a bottle of soda raise the risk of obesity which in turn linked to type II diabetes, osteoarthritis and heart disease.

Dental decay

Your teeth are feeding ground of many bacteria, which are common residents of the human mouth. Normally, they are harmless as they just break-down the food stuck in the crevices of teeth. However, the excess sugar from soft-drinks boost up their activities and turn these innocent creatures into sugar eating monsters. These bacteria convert the sugar into acids that later dissolve the enamel of teeth and cause dental cavities.

You can simply protect yourself from all damage by replacing that bottle of soda with water or fruit juices. It is time to see the advantages of making this change:

  • Unlike carbonated drinks, water and fruit juices do not contain an excess of sugars or anything artificial. As a result, they knock-out all the risk of the above mentioned health complication.
  • The fuel to your brain is water. Dehydration causes confusion, irritation and mood swings. When the brain is sufficiently hydrated, you feel charged up.
  • Fresh fruit juices are rich in natural sugars that keep your body batteries charged. Moreover, they are rich in essential electrolytes like sodium, magnesium, potassium and chlorides, which play a key role in muscular coordination. You will simply kiss goodbye to fatigue and body pain after choosing fresh fruit juices over carbonated drinks.

You can experience benefits like healthy skin, improved digestion and strong resistance to diseases when you avoid carbonated drinks and switch to water and juices this summer. Just make sure that the water you are drinking or using to make juice is purified water. There are some best RO water purifier available which remove notorious contamination from water. Check water purifier price as per your budget and buy a water purifier online.

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