Choosing the Right Flag and Flag Pole for Inclement Weather

There are rules about the displaying of the flag in the rain, and there are rules about all-weather flag use too. It’s all elaborately mentioned in the United States Code in Title 36 of the 10th chapter. Whether you should use the flag in the rain or not, how to use in the rain, and so many other things are clearly mentioned for the Patriots. But with that, you must also know that your flag deserves the best supporting hoist or flagpole which also must sustain all weather, and stand well in the rain.

Hence together with knowing the right rules for displaying the flag as per weather conditions, you must also have the right choice of the flag pole to sustain all weather. Remember that the flag is a piece of fabric which can be changed in a few months if it’s damaged by weather and this won’t cost you huge. But the flag pole is made from metal that is bought with some good investment, and you cannot plan a big recurring expense on it every few years. Hence the pole must be resistant to weather much more than the flag itself, and the flag, therefore, serves the best telescopic flag pole.

Should you display the flag in the rain?

The most common question people ask who are displaying the flag after buying their flag pole for the first time is that if they should display the flag in the rain. The flag can be displayed in the rain if the rain is not that heavy and it’s just a short and light downpour. In case the rain is too heavy, the sky is dark from the starting of the day, and the weather is inclement, the flag should not be displayed. However, if you have an all-weather flag, then you may choose to display it even in inclement weather.

Here, an important thing must be noted. If the weather is rainy and the sky is dark, then you must supply ample lighting with the flag to illuminate it. Without ample lighting, whether it is in the night or a dark cloudy day, the flag should not be displayed. Lighting is a must to display the flag in slight to heavy darkness. That is why when you buy a flagpole look for an arrangement of lighting with the flag to display it at low light or dark. If you get the option for solar powered lighting with the flag pole, then it’s even better, because you can save on the power bills while the system will automatically get lighted on low light conditions.


Flags that are not cotton made but made from a material that are resistant to inclement weather like nylon, works well and lasts for years. And flag poles which are made of weather resistant and rust resistant coating on aluminum lasts really well while weighs light, are easy to handle, and withstands rough weather and winds for years. That is why when you install the flag pole, look for all these things and learn the norms for maintaining the best flag display practice.

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