Expert guide to choose your next flos table lamp

A table lamp is not only a great option to decorate your room, but the dim lighting gives a great ambiance. With diffused lighting, stylish designs and metallic finish, flos table lamps are something that you should consider for re-decorating your room. You can use them in your office as well to give it a classy look and has a huge collection of the same.

Things to consider

In order to find the best flos table lamp for your space, there are certain things that you need to consider

  • Keep in mind the color of your room and choose the lamp accordingly. If you have blue painted walls, a red table lamp will not look good with it. Think about the color combinations before you can finally choose the lamp that you want.
  • If you have a modern interior, then flos lamps would perfectly complement the décor. The clean lines, the subtle color and the modern furniture would perfectly sit at par with your flos table lamp.
  • If you are buying the lamp for office, then go for sleek designs. If you want to experiment, then you can buy them for your home.
  • Do remember the purpose of buying the flos table lamp, in case you are buying it as a table lamp then go for a smaller size and if you are buying as a side table lamp, then you can go for the bigger ones.

Some trendy designs

If you need an idea about the latest trends in the flos table lamps, then here is a list for you:

  1. The copycat Flos Table lamp- This basically looks like a sleek aluminum sphere that looks coated with gold. This beautifully illuminated glass table lamp looks quite unique and the light comes with dimmer switch so that you can increase or decrease the intensity of light as per your mood. You would also get a cable that is quite big. The lamp is quite light weight and is a great buy if you want something unique and stylish.
  2. Tab LED Flos Table Lamp- The beauty of this table lamp lies in its simplicity. This flos lamp provides directional task lighting and comes with aluminum structure along with a procelian reflector. The style of the lamp is very simple and the pivotal heat gives the lamp a directional lighting. It comes with energy efficient lighting bulb and the on / off switch is located on the cord. It comes in black color and blends with almost all types of interior.
  3. Boxie LED flos table lamp- If you love minimalist design then this is just the one for you. The lighting is quite smooth, sophisticated and with the moveable arm, the lamp would bring equal convenience. The lamp also comes with a touch dimmer which is a great option. It comes in many colors and you can buy the one that suits your interior and décor.
  4. Z bar mini flos colored table lamp- This one is quite different from others as it comes in many colors and is best used as a desk lamp. This lamp can spin off its socket and also can rotate around its arm pointing to any direction that you like. It comes with a touch strip which is located quite near to the LED head and you can control the brightness of the lamp with the help of strip touch. The unique lamp design has won many awards due to its elegant design, bright colors and the flexibility to get blend with all types of interiors.

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