Expert tips: Things to know Before Buying a Used luxury Car

As we all know that every vehicle loses it value the moment it is driven out of a showroom. This principle applies to all the goods which we buy except for Gold. It is always not about buying a vehicle because most of them these days can easily afford to pick a vehicle according to their budget but what matters the most is the maintenance.

As human-beings age over the years, cars also become susceptible to wear and tear. At times there could be a lot of repair charges to be borne if your vehicle is pretty old. Also, when the car crosses certain kilometer it has to be given for service. If this does not happen, then the spare parts may be worn out sooner than you would have expected. Remember, it was always the good maintenance that can keep your car’s health status intact along with car insurance Dubai.

 While most of them invest in luxurious cars there are a few of them who would prefer to get used cars. There could be a lot of car owners who would simply want to sell their car which is in good shape hence, buying used cars can be one of the best things yet there are things to be checked before investing in used cars.

Mentioned below are some of the things you should know before buying a used luxury car. Check these things and apply them when you are on a look-out for the used luxury car along with car insurance Dubai.

  • Exteriors do matter

As the adage goes, “Face is the index of mind”, it does certainly matter for the exterior of the car to be intact. Though they are used cars no one would certainly want to invest in a car which has survived a major accident with a lot of unattended dents and also lack of service.

The paint of the car could also be chipped off at times or there could also be excessive blobs of paint which can make the car look awkward. There could be some unwanted stickers as well hence; running your fingers thoroughly would help you get a look and feel of the car. This has to be one of the important things to be checked when you are planning to invest in a used luxury car with car insurance Dubai.

Check with the owner if the car has undergone any sort of minor or major servicing of chassis or engine or if it has survived a major accident before buying the car. If there are some severe component damages especially on the chassis, then the cars may not be passed by the authorities.

  • Should be free of rust

Certain parts of the car can become rusty and this includes the chassis and the engine as well. You need to check if the car was properly functioning and also when was the last time the car was taken out. Greater the time, more the rust because the vehicle’s engine has been idling and chances of a few major components going bad are also high.  Also, remember that a small rust in the car can be a result of a huge corrosion in one of the major parts of the car.

If the vehicle you are buying is more than 5 years then, you have to thoroughly examine the car for rusty parts because the extreme weather in Dubai and also due to poor maintenance by the owner could have damaged the car beyond repairs. Hence, you need to make this as one of the mandatory things to be checked when you are planning to buy used luxury cars in Dubai with car insurance Dubai.

  • Mileage

Of course, if you are planning to invest in a used car this has to be checked without a fail. You should never invest in a car which devours fuel. Of course, it is not a brand new car that you are buying yet, the car mileage is a true reflection on the maintenance of the car done by the previous owner. This can be checked directly on the odometer unless it is tuned and tampered otherwise.

Along with this, the car’s age does surely play a very vital role in determining the mileage of the car. In case if the car is pretty old yet, has not been run as per the standards, you should skip buying those cars because the chances of the engine non-functioning can be very high. Hence, you need to carefully examine the mileage of the car.

  • Get the cars which are suitable for the roads 

Remember to get those cars which can withstand the extreme conditions of Dubai. If you buy a car, which does not support the roads then, you may end up in the service center every other day. Hence, you need to always choose a car with insurance, which is quite rough. Get cars that have GCC specs so that you do not have to face any issues and it also meets the UAE requirements without any hassles. The imported cars may be a piece of trash and could have survived some severe and disasters and they may not meet the requirements at Dubai. Hence, you need to be pretty clear on the kind of cars that you are going to buy.

  • Service history record

This is one of the important factors that can help you decide whether or not to buy used cars. There would be an official record on the dates of servicing that has to be maintained by the owner as provided by the service center. Do not go by the last servicing date because that can be quite misleading. Check for a track record and do a thorough analysis before investing in the used car with car insurance Dubai.

These recommendations can come quite handy when you are planning to get a used car. It is always better to understand everything about the car and then buy them, isn’t it?

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