Exploring the Processes of a Proper Parcel Sending

You already know how things work. The client looks at your offer, decides that you are the right solution for his needs, adds the product to the basket, goes to the last page of the checkout where he is presented the final score, which also includes the transport cost. Here are two possibilities: either to complete the order, despite the additional cost, either abandon the basket or move towards competition, hoping the final amount will be lower.

But how can you meet the needs expressed by the customer so that he does not give up the products in the basket? There are a few tactics, including free shipping (e.g., free delivery for over-the-counter purchases), an exact cost proposition (e.g. depending on the amount of real-time invoice for a courier or courier) or flat rate setting a global, invariable amount). When it comes to the cheapest way to send a parcel to usa you need to know this.

The method by which you choose to charge the shipping charge has a significant impact on your conversion rates. So choose the best option for your brand so you do not lose your profit margin and your customers are satisfied with your services.

How and why am I packing?

Packaging is one of the most important elements of the delivery strategy. Packaging protects products until the customer comes into their possession and is the first thing he sees when the courier appears in front of the door.

The First Impression

The first impression counts more than you might think. Let’s say you sell online bed linen and the customer orders you two pillows because they are on offer or for whatever reason and accept to pay the cost of delivery. After completing the order, he does not know how to get the products, how they will be packaged. The typical customer imagines cardboard boxes as simple as not sophisticated packaging.

  • At best, you will be pleasantly surprised by a customized box for him and the products will be intact. In the worst case, after two days of phone calls and delays, the customer receives a dusty black bag from which comes the corner of a pillow that does not have the immaculate color he expected. If it seems to you to be unreal, believe me it’s good, it does happen. From Company ParcelABC you will have all these supports now.
  • Regardless of the value of the order, however small or insignificant it may be, it is your job to do your job impeccably. Pay great attention to the packaging as it is the first impression, the first concrete thing that transmits information about your image and with which the customer interacts.

The cost that you have to bear for packaging turns from an expense into an investment and has two main choices to guide you: either choose packaging from the utility point of view (a brown cardboard box + additional packing materials that protect the product , nothing sophisticated), or a style of packaging specific to your brand (you let go of imagination and create a marketing material to promote the brand even before opening the package).

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