Four destinations which you have to visit when you are spending your vacation in Uganda

Uganda is marred in the minds of the tourists that visit here. Uganda is a safe place which hosts enthralling activities that lie in every corner of this country. This is a land where you can expect to see the hippos humping in the wetlands and lions walking on safari trails. It is a land that is touched by the misty hills that have chimpanzees and rain forests. The lapping waters of the lakes and the channels of Nile constitute half of the Uganda adventures and activities. The pulsating city of Kampala is steeped with diversity and life introduces their tourists to Uganda which again is a place that resounds unapologetic beauty. So, let’s explore some of the most popular places in Uganda.

1. Kampala

The city of Kampala is the ancestral capital of the Buganda kingdom which also happens to be the present capital of Uganda. The thatched relics that hold the former glory days of the Kasuibi Tombs is something that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. If exploring is what you want, then have a taste of their frenetic energy that this place has to offer. With sun-kissed streets to thriving markets, this place is as diverse as it gets. The edge of the town is where the elites live on their villa houses since it is steeper than the other areas. Get yourself into a walking tour where you will find and explore things on your own. Be sure to check their local cuisine out as they are to die for.

 2.    Kibale National Park

Pierce further into the depths of jungles and wetlands of this national park and be sure to not be disappointed. This place has some of the most diverse sets of primate species including wild chimpanzees. There you will find a kaleidoscope of curious little primates trying to spot you and your belongings. So, be advised to not leave any belonging unsupervised as they might get lifted by the monkeys. Fig trees here are no stranger to the tourists visiting this park.

 3.    Ssese Islands

This is an amalgamation of sandy shores with sun-kissed golden beaches where the waves crash gracefully reminding how magnificent these groups of islands are. Intruding the waters of Lake Victoria, these islands are now premium spots for luxury hotels and resorts, Bulago and Buggalo being the most popular of them all. You can either decide to kick back inside your lakeside resort or end up running towards the hills where the swamps are dotted with hippos that hide within the ridges. If you are a fan of extreme water sports the Buggala might just be the place for you as they have kayaks and other relevant watersports.

4.    Bwindi Forest

The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a work of nature which really lives up to the hype. The endless green with occasional rocky peaks is covered in Africa’s oldest primaeval vegetations. The biodiversity is what attracts everyone to be here where you can expect to see geckos to gorillas. For this very reason, it has garnered a spot within the UNESCO world heritage sites.

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