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Getting into the school of your dreams doesn’t happen overnight. More than likely, you are hard at work on all of your undergraduate admission applications—if even possible, you’re working even harder than that at enhancing your SAT score. You’re well on your way to the score you need to feel secure about your application, but what about free additional practice? Does that old saying “the best things in life are free” apply to the SAT? We happen to think so.

While nothing can fully replace the countless benefits of studying in an online or in-person SAT prep course, the advantages of outside practice are also very useful. For example, if you’re having difficulty on a particular question type or section, isn’t it nice to receive an explanation or breakdown different from that to which you’ve been accustomed? We have three free online resources that will bring about more understanding as it relates to you and your SAT score. Let’s dive in!

Manhattan Review

If you’re looking for high quality free practice materials—well, look no further than Manhattan Review. While establishing its early beginnings as a test prep/academic services firm in New York City teaching the GMAT, Manhattan Review now operates in nearly every city around the world with thousands of students. They specialize in SAT and ACT prep for high school students and international students aiming to study in the U.S. through a series of rigorous online and in-person courses; additionally, they employ some of the finest SAT private coaches you can find. Naturally, Manhattan Review is a fit if you’re seeking effective strategies and techniques to align with all of your hard work!

Thankfully, Manhattan Review has several free resources for prospective students. First, they offer a Practice Question bank consisting of 20 varying mathematical SAT problems. The topics range from Heart of Algebra to Geometry to Advanced Topics in Math. Fortunately, each practice question is labeled by level of difficulty to help you further understand your process and score. Second, Manhattan Review also offers a free practice test that simulates the SAT precisely. The benefits of authentic free practice tests are tenfold, particularly for students seeking a high score. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better resource than Manhattan Review for all of your SAT needs. Visit their website today and learn more—and while you’re at it, make use of their free practice materials!

Khan Academy

If you have been skimming the Internet for free SAT practice, more than likely you have come across Khan Academy’s website. Known for providing free-of-charge practice test materials to many full-length exams, Khan publishes a variety of free SAT practice. Not only do they offer full-length paper and online SAT exams, but they also offer free PSAT practice for freshmen or sophomores in high school looking to jumpstart their SAT journey early.

Their practice material in math covers four primary topics: Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Mathematics, Problem Solving & Data Analysis, and Additional Topics in Math. Their writing and reading practice spans reading comprehension as well as grammar. Endorsed by the College Board—the makers of the SAT—as one of the best free practice resources for this test, they also detail reading, essay, and math strategies to help you on exam day. Khan Academy also publishes lesson plans for teachers, as well, making them a highly trusted free resource for SAT practice.

SAT Tutor

h is a great resource if you’re seeking answers to frequently asked questions or general SAT-related inquiries. In addition to providing a search engine to find SAT classes and tutors near your geographical area, SAT Tutor has a separate section that outlines the logistics of registering for the SAT, as well as a summary of all test sections.

If you’re looking for free practice questions, you won’t necessarily find it on this site, but what SAT Tutor will provide are answers to your most important SAT questions. Whether it’s outlining the importance of practice testing or entailing specifics on SAT Official Guide books, SAT Tutor has got you covered in the beginning stages of your studies.

All in all, what we can derive from these free online resources is that there’s help out there when it comes to the SAT—and plenty of it. Your practice doesn’t need to be limited to an out-of-date textbook or only what you cover in your SAT prep class. It’s important to seek outside explanations and outside practice when it comes to this vital exam. Fortunately, these trusted resources provide you with the supplemental help you deserve. After all, you’re working hard—shouldn’t you practice with the very best?

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