Hiking In Italy: 4 of the Best Trails near Milan

If you embark on a journey to visit Milan, then you’ll have an experience of a big city with lights, food, fine drinks, and fashion. But you’re wondering if you can escape the buzzing into nature. Milan is very close to the Italian Alps, which make it a start point for some awesome hiking experiences and even camping in the wilderness.

After you’ve landed in Milan, use the airport transfer Milan service and leave your big luggage at the hotel. Traveling light on the mountains is a friendly piece of advice because the paths are scaled from an easy hike to difficult. Choosing the right time of the year can be a lifesaver if you’re not experienced with snowy paths. But let’s find out some trails that you can hike on near Milan.

Monte San Primo

The mountaintop is well known to give a view over Lake Como. The path is pretty easy until you reach the last third of the way up. It will get a little challenging and your muscles will hurt a little the next morning. Be sure to start from early morning and to get back by nightfall, as the temperatures could plummet. You can choose also to get some rest in a tent if you own one. Back on the lake shore, you can stop by Rifugio Martina for some fine dishes.

Monte Bolettone

Monte Bolettone is rated as an easy trail and can be walked by anyone at any age. It’s fairly easy even in winter time with the proper clothes and boots. Located at an hour and a half drive from Milan, this trail is a must. You can see from above many landmarks like Lake Como and in the clear days, even Milan’s skyline. Once you get off the top of the mountain, you can drop by Refugio Calcciatori for a proper meal after climbing the mountains. The hike should not take more than 2 hours, regardless of the weather conditions.

Santa Caterina Valfurva

If you really want some thrills and go really up, you can try to reach Santa Catarina which goes up to 6500 ft above sea level. It will be a challenge for sure. Santa Catarina is situated at almost 200km away from the city of Milan. To Rifugio Sci 2000 is a long hike for about 4-5 hours and there you can feast on some awesome meals specially prepared for hikers. If you want to go even further, you can challenge Mount Sobretta, but be advised, this is for experienced hikers only.

Parco dei Colli di Bergamo

This trail for hiking is the easiest you can find and it will carry you around the countryside of the Lombardi region. Birdwatchers often come to this region because of the abundance of birds of prey and not only. Landscapes will shift from small hills to mountains in just a heartbeat, but you won’t need some proper mountain gear to walk across this trail.

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