How fblinker helps in increased YouTube video views

Recently, a YouTube product manager published a very popular post on Facebook that shed light on how to successfully endorse YouTube videos in the Facebook feed. A month before that, this man had experimentally posted a link to a new YouTube video on Facebook, and a regular post, instead of citing the video in the comments.

The results of this action were that he got about four times more comments on the post without a YouTube link than on the post with the link. This draws conclusions such as:

  • Facebook gives importance to posts with videos uploaded directly to Facebook.
  • And it gives secondary importance to posts with images uploaded directly to Facebook, after the Facebook-native video.
  • The text-only posts get priority after the images are loaded.
  • At the lowermost priority, Facebook puts the posts with a YouTube link.

Here are a few recommended steps for posting a YouTube video to Facebook and getting a good number of views on it:

Tips for Posting a YouTube Video to Facebook

  • Use a youtube to facebook converter like FBlinker, also known as youtube to facebook thumbnail generator to obtain a catchy, large-sized image snapshot of the video. You can also make a short video teaser snippet of your video with a little more effort.
  • Then, upload that image in a Facebook post or upload the video teaser for greater effects.
  • Take the YouTube URL for your video and cover it through a URL shortener. If you enter a short URL of a playlist that starts with your video, it’ll add to the watch time on your YouTube channel because your next video in the playlist will automatically start after the first one ends.
  • Lastly, write the text in your Facebook post and embed the shortened URL for the video/playlist. You can’t publish the link first as Facebook will recognize it as a YouTube video.
  • Now, you can go ahead and post the thumbnail.

With more Facebook users viewing it, the popularity increases.

Facebook progresses the viewability of your video post as interaction increases. So, more interaction will lead to more exposure in Facebook feeds. But not all actions on Facebook are equally influential in promotions. “Shares” have the highest value so after posting; you must share the video with someone.

Then the second highest value is given to comments, and likes have the third highest value. So aim for the actions strategically.

The URL shortener trick is actually a technique aimed at helping YouTubers gain more ad views because instead of showing the video on Facebook, the shortened link redirects the user to view it on, where he sees more ads including display ads.

Note that on the YouTube watch page, display ads are often the most significant format for generating revenue for creators, despite their low-CPM rate. In comparison to YouTube, fewer In-Stream ads appear when a video is played within the Facebook timeline and that makes it less rewarding for the YouTubers.

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