How to Make Money While Travelling

Travel is a chance to relax and enjoy those finer moments in life. Your first thought while travelling is unlikely to be how to monetise the trip. But that’s exactly what thousands of people do every year. It’s not for everyone, but some people have become quite successful at it through the following methods.

Travel Writing

The first method you might consider for how to make money while travelling, is writing about your experiences. There are several ways to do this. You could set up a travel blog and monetise it to earn from advertising. Or you might write paid reviews for travel sites, advice articles with such titles as “5 Mistakes Not to Make While Backpacking Through Thailand” for webzines and other media outlets.

Photographing Your Journey

No piece of travel writing would be complete without accompanying photographs. Travel blog readers don’t just want to hear about your experiences, they want to see them. Good photography will complement that rather well. However, it’s not the only way to make money. The web, cloud technology and always on connectivity has made it far easier than ever for amateur photographers to sell images as stock photos.


Video makes up around 5% of web content but accounts for 95% of viewed content. That’s a massive audience consuming a relatively small amount of content. It’s no wonder YouTube and Vimeo are so successful. Vlogging (video blogging) provides a more direct experience of travel, showing rather than telling, and providing more detail than a series of photographs could portray.

Remote Working

Who said you must give up your current job to travel? If your employer has the infrastructure to allow you to do so, then you don’t have to quit and set up as a freelancer, which is essential what travel writing, photography and vlogging will require you to do. Remote working is fast becoming a choice for employees in most sectors. It will, however, require a lot of self-discipline and a mutually agreed time schedule. It’s working successfully in some industries.

Freelance Teaching

Travelling is a great way to teach both children and adults. TEFL, for example, is a popular way for people to earn money while they are travelling, especially when teaching children. But you will also find many websites where people seek 1 on 1 tutors for virtually anything. This doesn’t require long-term commitment so isn’t as restrictive as taking a multi-week course in a school. Alternatively, you could use these sites to advertise for students.

Fruit Picking

It’s one of the most casual jobs available anywhere. It’s not high pay, but it’s not high stress either. Simply, you work at a farm for a certain length of shift and pick fruit and vegetables. Then you get paid for what you’ve picked (usually by the kilo). Farming can never find enough fruit pickers which is why it relies on casual labour, sometimes working for a couple of days before moving on. No matter where you go, you should have no problem finding this type of work.

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