How to Save Audio from WhatsApp on iPhone

Learn how to save an audio from WhatsApp on your iPhone to listen to it anytime without having to rummage through all your conversations

Saving an audio from WhatsApp on the iPhone is an easy task like hiding last seen on WhatsApp. Most users believe that voice messages and sound files can only be played within the messaging app, but the truth is that you can even save WhatsApp audio messages to listen at any time, without having to lose the conversations, is something very simple to do.

Learn how to save WhatsApp audio to your iPhone, using the sharing tools, and sending it to yourself.

How to save an audio from WhatsApp on iPhone

To save WhatsApp audio to iPhone, you’ll need to route it through the sharing options.  Except that, instead of sending it to a friend, you will send it to yourself in the app.

  1. Find the WhatsApp audio you want to save;
  2. Tap and hold your finger on the audio (can be a file sent, or a voice message ), until a black bar with some options appears;
  3. Touch the Forward option ;
  4. The iPhone will display some sharing options (send to iCloud or Dropbox , send audio via email , etc.). For more options, touch the More button ;
  5. Choose your favorite sharing option, and follow the corresponding instructions of the method you select;
  6. Access the app for the selected service, and follow the steps required in each to download the file back to your iPhone.

And ready.

With this method, you can upload the file to your own account in cloud storage services such as iCloud , Google Drive , OneDrive , Dropbox and others, and through their respective applications, download the audio back to your iPhone.

The difference is that it will be free of WhatsApp, and can be heard whenever you want.

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