How to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 with AT&T Service Provider

The Samsung Galaxy S7 at AT&T is the first dual-pixel smartphone camera launched by Samsung. The phone offers a crystal clear display with a screen of 5.1 inches Quad HD super AMOLED touchscreen and an expandable memory up to 256 GB. The phone is water resistant and is perfect for clicking selfies be it at the workout sessions or at the beach. This smartphone’s camera also has an autofocus feature which can reduce blurry pictures and can virtually do almost anything. The 32GB variant of the phone is priced at Rupees 27,000 and you can also pay for it over 30 months instalment schemes.

You can unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 AT&T smartphones by following the steps given below. However, there are a handful of things which you will need before you opt for the unlock process.

  1. Keep in hand the account number which was attached to the device while you purchased it.
  2. Memorise the account password or the last four digits of the social security number.
  3. Dial *#06# from your handset to obtain the IMEI number. The 15 digit number will pop up on your screen. Note that down as it is an essential requirement to complete the unlocking process.
  4. Also note down your phone’s present mobile number.
  5. If you are opting for military deployment, make sure you have your deployment papers ready.

Before starting off with the unlocking process, make sure you meet the unlock requirements which are discussed first.

  1. The first unlock requirement is, you have to ensure that the device is SIM unlock capably.
  2. You should at least use the device or keep the device active on AT&T network for at least 50 days.
  3. You must clear off the payment of the device fully before you wish to proceed with the unlocking process. If your product is financed by any other company, then also there should be no overdue left to be cleared.
  4. The account that you used to clear off the payment must be in good status in the present times.

You can unlock your handset by following these steps.

  1. Unlock your device and visit the website of AT&T.
  2. Read through all the eligibility requirements carefully and tick them off. As you are done reading through the unlocking requirements fill in the online form.
  3. You will require the AT&T account information and your phone’s IMEI or MEID number. You had already noted down this information before, so just copy and fill in the details carefully.
  4. Keep your deployment papers ready in case you are requesting for unlocking of military deployment.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Click on the link provided in the confirmation mail within 24 hours of receiving it. Only when you click the link, the confirmation request for unlocking will be accepted. If you do not respond within 24 hours, your request automatically stands cancelled.
  6. Wait for 2 business days for AT&T to confirm that your phone is unlocked or at least update you with the status of your request.

Once the unlocking is done, you are free to switch over to any other network.

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