Importance of contractions during the course of pregnancy

With the help of a kick counter bracelet you can go on to count the kicks of your baby. If you feel that you need to go to labor, then a contraction timer online will help to find out whether you need to head over to the hospital or not. With the help of a stop watch you can keep a track of the time of the contractions along with the frequency aspect as well. But you cannot rely it with blind eyes. Hence the need for an alternative tool is something that would be called for at the earliest. There are various contraction timers online which automatically records information for you. it is easy to download it and you can share it with your family or friends as well.

In order to use the contraction timer you would need to press the start button. This is when you feel  sensation of tightness. You could feel it from inside or when you keep your hand on the belly as well. It does indicate the starting of a single contraction. The moments you feel a relaxation of the uterus press the stop button. You should repeat the process as the contractions go on to continue and here you can find out more about the intervals of the contractions. You need to understand 6 to 8 contractions to have an idea about the pattern they are normally following as well. The key would be to understand the length along with the frequency of the contractions as well.

You should go on to try and time a few contractions. Then start from the beginning of one contraction to the next. You can be sure shot if the contractions are true if it does happen at regular intervals of time, even after you go on to change positions it keeps on occurring. If you are prone to regular contractions where the cervical changes tend to take place around 37 weeks of pregnancy. You can go on to name them as preterm contractions.

A true contraction makes an entry at the back and then it will proceed towards your abdomen. The false ones take place in the belly and you can say that it leads to the hardening of the belly as well. You cannot say that they are painful. They tend to take place 4 to 5 and you can say that they will disappear. The contractions do get painful over the course of time.  You can say that the false contractions would in a way help you prepare for the labour. They are short, irregular and at the same time you cannot say that they are very painful.  They tend to take place in the 5th or 7 the month of pregnancy and they fade away on their own as well.

If the contraction does occur between 3 to 4 minutes and it does not go even after lying or walking, then it is the time to head over to a hospital.

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