Is your laptop battery draining fast? Here are seven ways that will help you fix it

Do you own a laptop? How fast is its battery draining? If it is drainingquickly, you do not need to worry, since this is a common problem that many laptops have. This could be because of several issues. Today I am going to give you seven tips that will make you fix the problem of your laptop battery draining fast.

Operating system power troubleshooter

This is an option that every operating system comes with; it is used to diagnose any problem that can be experienced while operating a laptop. To determine why your battery is draining fast, you need to troubleshoot your computer to know where the problem is so that you can be able to fix it.

Disable hardware not used and close programs not used

Checking out and finding out if there is much additional hardware connected to the laptop draining the battery.For example, if you are not using the Bluetooth device, you should turn off the Bluetooth device as it will be wastingpower. External connections are the original battery draining devices. When you are not using things like mouse, keyboard, or gaming pad remove them from your laptop to save your battery from draining fast.

Having applications run in your laptop that are not used consume the power of your battery. As with the way you dealt with the hardware, you should start by turning off all programs or soft wares that you are not using.

Utilize the power saving mode

Most of the time after you have updated your computer, the power saving mode set is disabling, and you will, therefore, be required to reset it manually. The power saving mode enables you to take control of your battery. This will make you control the power consumption of your laptop; this will make you maximize on usage time. The system of your computer automatically restricts all applications that are running in the background, therefore, consuming power.

Customize the power plans of your laptop

Customizing the power plans of your computer will help you conserve the cell energy and at the same time. Youcandecide on prioritizing between performance and energy conservation. You can save energy used by reducing the screen contrast when the laptop is on the sleep mode, charging or even when your laptop system is plugged in. You have the freedom to change the settings when the computer is on sleep mode; system plugged in or while charging. Customizing power plan can also enable you to reset the laptop to the default factory settings.

Simplify your laptop usage

You can save volumes of your battery juice by simplifying your way of using it. Do not multitask while not charging your laptop or even while not on full charge. When several programs are run on a computer, they will load the processor which in turn drains power from the battery. To save energy, adjust your computer by sticking to the use of one application at any given time and always avoid using programs that are intensive.

You can do this by just starting with using single tasks. If you are typing a document in your laptop, you should turn off all other applications that are not needed in typing. More battery energy will be saved by turning off the audio player in the background, and if you want to play music, avoid streaming and make use of the stored media. This way you will be saving the battery since streaming media, makes use of other applications such as wireless radio which will not be used when stored media is played.

Upgrade the components of your laptop

This is a long term way of fixing your computer from draining power fast. Ditch the overreliance on the hard drive and upgrade to start using the SSD. The use of flash memory to store data instead of the spinning hard drive will reduce the spinning parts in your laptop hence much power will not be used in accessing the information stored. The use of SSD does not only improve the quality of your battery, but it will also play a significant role in boosting and delivering high performances from your laptop and boot times than when the hard drive is used. SSD will help you in removing fragmentation in your laptop.

Take care and feed your battery

Conserving battery power starts with the attention of the battery itself. This is another long-term way of fixing the draining problem of your battery. When you are using a laptop with a removable battery, make sure that you do not damage the contact areas. If you destroy the contacts or leave them dirty, the flow of energy from the battery to the laptop will be disrupted. While cleaning the contacts of the cell, make sure that you use soft materials such as cotton swab and use rubbing alcohol as the cleaning detergent. If the connections are damaged, make sure that professionals repair them.

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