Kapil Taneja Jaipur

The mastermind behind renowned Purple Group

Purple Group with its 20 LLPs and Private Limited companies enjoy a fair share of success in different fields. This now established group was founded by an entrepreneur of great vision — Mr. Kapil Taneja of Jaipur.

mastermind behind renowned Purple Group

He started with a small real estate agency in the year 2010 which currently is a prominent estate development company in Rajasthan. Purple Group with its main function of real estate also runs businesses in different sectors, successfully.

Kapil Taneja is also a philanthropist who believes in sharing happiness with the society he is a part of. He sticks to the above principle with the foundation of his charitable foundation known as ‘Purple Good Vibes‘.

This charitable organization of Kapil Taneja Jaipur works for the education of underprivileged children.

The story behind the success

Kapil Taneja is a native of a small town, Sikar located in Rajasthan. From a very early age, he showed great interest in business and the way they are run.

story behind the success

After his schooling at an early of 15 years, this burning passion about entrepreneurship leads him towards learning the skills to start his own venture from his uncle who used to run a hosiery business.

The man of great vision Mr. Kapil Taneja Jaipur started his first venture Payal Garments in 1995 at the age of 17, after his efforts of two years into learning the skills of running a business. It was a wholesale readymade garment business in Sikar.

Although this venture didn’t work that well, Kapil Taneja learned hard lessons right from this early phase of his life. He earned experiences and lessons from his journey to go with strong determination.

Kapil Taneja also found his interest in share market trading. In 1998, he invested in his first share and made his very first profit of Rs 800.

This is how he found his interest in share trading and he kept on investing while making profits and losses and learning through it.

This guided him towards his first sub-brokership of Nirmal Securities, a share broker agency in Sikar in the year 2000. Kapil Taneja chose to set his sub-brokership in Shri Madhopur, a small town where share investment was still a new trend.

This decision didn’t work well for Mr. Kapil Taneja, as the sub-brokership business couldn’t leverage the vision of his mind. It failed with a huge loss but left Kapil Taneja with a lesson of a lifetime.

After all, each failure is a new lesson for the next opportunity.

The next opportunity for Kapil Taneja was Jaipur where he found Payal Securities, his another share trading business which was a great success.

Even, he got a franchise of Motilal Oswal in 2002. The year 2003, rewarded him the sole-brokership of Motilal Oswal for whole Rajasthan region. He also set his foot in the whole country with 17 offices of his company.

This is when he got married to his wife Mrs. Ritu Malik in the year 2003.

Everything was going splendidly with his life. But, difficulties do not come to your door, knocking.

After enjoying a holiday with his family when Kapil returned he was cheated by his own employees behind his back with nothing left to mourn and claim back.

In difficult times, Kapil Taneja Jaipur had his family to look back through. This was the time in 2004, his son Adi was born. And, he got his reason to rise and thrive again.

Making of Purple Group

It took him two years to start from all over again with the help of his brother Ankur Taneja. He recruited a professional and trusted staff.

Purple Group

There was a harmful period of recession for all businesses in 2008. But, Kapil Taneja, the man of great vision saw through it, didn’t lose his calm and utilized the recession havoc in his favor.

He renewed his stock market membership to trade again. In 2009, he set up his first corporate office at Tonk Road with the birth of his second son, Abeer.

He gained his first auction of a land by UIT in Barmer in 2010. That was the time when he established Purple Group to develop the City Centre in Barmer. It was the first and huge project for his newly founded company. And it didn’t disappoint, in fact, the building appeals with its unique design which solves the needs of both residential and commercial. The building boasts 235 shops, anchor shops, 35 offices, and 95 flats.

The success of Barmer City Centre bought other big projects in his kitty. The purple group constructed Panache in Alwar, 230 flats residential project with state-of-the-art flats. Panache was the tallest twin tower in Alwar. This was the first big achievement of construction business of Kapil Taneja.

This amazing journey went on and on with successful projects one after another.


Now this man of great vision is developing the tallest building in the one of the poshest locality of Jaipur, Vaishali Nagar. Melodia is envisioned to bring the deluxe luxuries in Vaishali Nagar in its 3, 4, & 5 BHK Luxurious Flats, Duplexes, and Penthouses. It has a terrace pool along with other superior amenities.


There are other projects getting developed as well. With its construction business, Purple Group also own a heavenly retreat property in Goa, named as Aura Goa.

Till date, this company of Kapil Taneja in Jaipur has overall developed a construction of 20 lakh sq. feet approx with more than 10 lakh sq. feet under construction. This rewarded him with various honors in the Real Estate field.


Kapil Taneja

This is the story of the making of a successful man, Kapil Taneja Jaipur who never lost determination has an extraordinary gift of foresight and most importantly who lead by example. And his examples are for sure constructive and attractive in sight.

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