Know About How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a way to generate passive income using crypto digital money. In order to earn a high income, it is important to make the right choice among many colleagues. Beginners usually start with Crypto Bot, although there are other currencies that you can take a closer look at (the total number of cryptocurrencies exceeds one thousand). To create a risk-free investment portfolio, you should know about the investment strategy.

It should be noted that the most reliable and profitable are popular electronic currencies, which are trusted by a huge number of users and supported by large organizations. It should be remembered that a high rate generates high risks. But the profit in such cases is also able to pleasantly surprise. But those who choose the most expensive cryptocurrency will be able to minimize the potential losses, while the growth potential is often no lower than when buying a more expensive cyber finance.

It is profitable to invest in cryptocurrency: Such an investment is considered profitable because, at least, unlike ordinary money, virtual currencies cannot be stolen – the money is withdrawn only after the introduction of a private key. Crypto is changed, including for goods. Even when you transfer a few million dollars to another country, the commission is charged at a minimum of $ 0-5. Does not use a central server (which can be hacked). But the main advantage is the increase of the exchange rate: for BTC in a few years it increased from 10 to 10,000 USD. The investment is divided into three types, depending on the duration of the investment period: Short-term deposits, in the medium term, Long-term etc.

Most newcomers, who make the first investments, try not to take risks. In their opinion, it is better not to keep certain coins for more than a month. However, here you have to understand that, through a competent approach, a long-term investment will allow you to make a significantly greater return. Investment types include mining and the creation of new blockchain projects.

  • Purchase of long-term coins: Investments in cryptocurrency 2018 for more than 6 months are considered long term. Digital currency quotes rise / fall several times in a few days – in the absence of experience, this can lead to psychological overload. The main thing is to learn how to choose the most promising digital currencies.
  • Mining: The available capital is invested in mining devices. You will need a powerful computer or ASIC equipment. At the same time, we must consider the purchase of equipment (which can be quite expensive), the high costs of electricity, an approximate change in the rate of digital currency produced and the repayment periods.
  • Cloud mining: The user earns money due to the computing power without his equipment: extracting coins in the cloud involves renting equipment from services, with powerful cryptocurrency mining farms.

The differences in cryptocurrency versus other money

To understand which currency you should invest in, first you need to understand how the rubble or dollar differs from Bitcoin, ETH and other versions.

  • Without taxes: The entire cryptosystem is built so that there is no single control and each of the participants in the network is its computing power. Therefore, it is not necessary to pay taxes, as is the case with fiat currencies.
  • High reliability: All cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. As a result, the accumulated funds may not completely disappear or be stolen. While in the banking system, all reliability depends directly on the physical security of the vault and terminals.
  • Simplicity of work: To get a Bitcoin wallet, you need to spend 2 minutes to register and then you can use your funds all your life until death. While the bank must collect documents, confirm their identity, sign contracts and more.
  • Secrecy: Due to simplified registration, each cryptocurrency user does not confirm his identity. Therefore, no one can find out who the account is linked to.
  • It does not depend on the state: One of the main advantages of virtual money is its independence from the policy of any state or other world currency. Therefore, the money earned can be used in any country and place in the world, it is not necessary to change them every time you spend your holiday abroad.
  • Out of control: A modern banking system cannot exist in the context of promoting blockchain technologies. No person or organization can influence actions on the blockchain and therefore cannot control or steal them.

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