Life Equals Time – Style Equals Money

Put yourself in a profession where you have: time and money.

Become the best transcription of You. Invest money in yourself.

Put your money into things that make money.

Have the attitude that. Money is abounding, and money is all around you.

Many great sayings about time are famous all over the world, like time is wealth/money. So, you can also relate to this!

You can survive weeks without food, days without water but only minutes without oxygen as soon as you take away oxygen.

It becomes an essential thing in life!

It is something we rarely consciously think about unless you take it away.

You do not think about breathing unless you can not breathe. And usually, that only happens once.

However, when you do not have any money, it controls your daily life… All Day Long – Everyday!

It is all you think about. Fortunately, when you get to the place in life where you have an abundance of money, productive life changes, and becomes about helping others.

And when you focus on helping others. You will be rewarded by “The Universe” and have even more abundance.

We can not prove it. Some call it spiritual; others call it karma, luck, favor. Science can’t prove it. No machine can measure it. It just works!

Some call it “Faith.”

You can then go out and bless others. Become an affluence fighter.

Set an individual goal. Exceed it. Learn how to enable others.

Build a social media reputation and estimate your business.

Get a digital product such as an automated webinar funnel.

And then put the webinar on replay.

People will purchase from the automated webinar.

Then, by promoting affiliate offers, the selling is done “auto-magically.”

You collect, keep, and cash the commission checks.

What a beautiful life!

Build, Grow, Scale, and Multiply. It always sounds so easy. But is it?

The truth is NO; it is not.

It is hard and like anything worth having in life. It takes work!

That is the dirty little secret they don’t tell you in the ads.

But the reality is. The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Become.

I heard Donald Trump at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City about a decade ago.

It was a FREE speech, no charge to get in, no security checks, no bomb-sniffing dogs. Open to the general public.

Anybody could come, no metal detectors. It was a different world back then. Safer!

I heard ‘The Donald’ got paid a million bucks for the speech. I remember Trump was talking about Paul McCartney.

Trump said that poor bastard Paul McCartney’ didn’t have a prenup.

That divorce cost Paul a ton of Money, No prenup!

After an enjoyable, unscripted, and entertaining speech, at the end of the evening, ‘The Donald’ concluded his talk by saying something I will never forget.

Donald Trump said… “Never, never, never, never, Never Give Up!”

Here it is now a decade later, and that still sticks in my mind.

Time is money, mainly when you are communicating with a lawyer or purchasing an advertisement!

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