MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 14 – Who Got Dumped? 19th September 2015 Update

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 14 Written Update – In one of the most dramatic Splitsvilla episodes ever, things go from bad to worse for Prince and Karishma, friendships fall apart and the mysterious ‘Book of Fortune’ throws up one twist after another. Here’s a written update of the highlights and results. Find out who won the ‘Chocolate Pit’ challenge and who got dumped!

Splitsvilla 8 Episode 14 Date: 19th September 2015.

Girls Chocolate Pit Challenge Result – Who Won?

The hooter went off and the contestants headed to the beach for today’s challenge. Here are the highlights and results of the ‘Chocolate Pit’ challenge in Splitsvilla 8 Episode 14 –

  • The challenge took place on the beach. Prince and Anuki were safe after winning last week’s task.
  • The unsafe girls were given a chance to save themselves from getting dumped.
  • Rannvijay introduced the ‘Chocolate Pit’ challenge! A pit filled with liquid chocolate was dug on the beach. Four girls (Karishma, Priyanka, Mia and Sana) were in it at the same time. A Velcro strap was tied around each girl’s ankle. In order to eliminate a girl from the pit, the strap had to be removed.
  • Mia eliminated Sana, Karishma eliminated Priyanka and then eliminated Mia.
  • Karishma was saved from being dumped.

Priyanka Tells All On Her Date With Paras

The unsafe girls – Sana, Priyanka and Mia were sent on a date with the King. During the date, Paras asked Sana who she will pair up with if Utkarsh gets dumped. Sana told him that her connection with Utkarsh was more important than playing the game.

Somehow, the topic of Karishma came up when Paras was talking to Priyanka. Priyanka told Paras that Karishma was faking her feelings for Prince. Seizing the opportunity, Paras decided to take Priyanka to the Secret Space in order to extract more information.

Before that, Paras gave Priyanka a gift. It was a beautiful Tissot watch.

Back in the villa, Mia told Karishma everything that Priyanka had told Paras during the date.

Splitsvilla 8 Episode 14 – Dumping Ground Result

It was time for the most tension-filled segment of the show. Never has there been a more dramatic and twist-filled Dumping Zone than this one! Here’s a written update –

  • IshaanAmaadSanaMia, Priyanka and Gaurav were in the Dumping Zone. Utkarsh and Zaan were safe because of their good performance in the previous task.
  • Rannvijay announced that Gaurav was still unwell and won’t return. Gaurav has been dumped.
  • A big fight broke out between Priyanka and Mia over Karishma. Mia criticized Priyanka for revealing her friend’s secrets to Paras after which all hell broke loose.
  • When things calmed down, Rannvijay asked both of them to behave.
  • Paras and Prince, who got into a fight in the previous episode, found some common ground today. They tried to expose Karishma’s so-called double standards.
  • Look who’s back! Banished contestant Yash made an entry.
  • Rannvijay gave the Ishaan and Amaad the choice of opening the ‘Book of Fortune’. Amaad agreed.
  • In a dramatic twist, the Book of Fortune banished Amaad and brought Yash back into the villa!
  • Another twist followed! This time the ‘Book of Fortune’ had something in store for Ishaan. Subuhi was given the choice of leaving her throne and saving Ishaan.
  • SUBUHI GAVE UP HER THRONE TO SAVE ISHAAN. She played a prank on him. At first she said, “I’m sorry Ishaan” and then quickly gave him a hug and said, “I’ll go to the villa with you”. Ishaan was delighted. Rannvijay called it “Love’s victory”.
  • The Queen’s throne in Splitsvilla 8 is VACANT.
  • In another incredible twist, the unsafe girls – Sana, Priyanka and Mia were given the choice of opening the ‘Book of Fortune’. All three girls agreed.
  • BAD NEWS – The ‘Book of Fortune’ declared that two girls would be dumped instead of one.
  • SPLITSVILLA 8 EPISODE 14 – Who Got Dumped? Amaad (Banished) & Gaurav!
  • However, in next week’s episode there is a strong chance of Sana getting eliminated. In all likelihood Priyanka will be safe because of her connection with Paras.

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