Must Have Features For Your Education Mobile App

We would all agree that education around the world has changed drastically and almost 2 decades into the 21st century, we have all gone through this change first hand. We are moving towards a digital world and that would an understatement. A few years ago, digitization of education system was only a dream but today, students all around the world have moved to digital devices from heaps of bulky books to prepare for their daily classes. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that that web-based learning is the most immediate need of the hour.

This is the reason, that many education app developers are studying student behaviour and psychology to be able to cater to this growing demand for educational mobile applications. With time, we have witnessed education growing into an independent economy and a highly profitable one, for that matter. So much so that only the rich could afford a quality education. But gone are those days. Today, the face of education has become digitized and as a result, highly affordable and interactive. And that means, quality education for everyone.

How will a good education app change daily learning?

There is no need to stick to one course and one book for a long time because the world is changing constantly and with it, our education system needs a change too. The perks of digital learning over traditional learning are cited over time and it is time that we move towards permanence of this change also.

Following are some ways in with digital learning will change our daily schooling:-

  • A quick and effortless approach towards the desired content for all age groups of students.
  • Easy updation of syllabus and learning about the latest changes happening around the world
  • Interactive and engaging tutorials through videos.
  • Access and availability to study material anytime, anywhere.
  • Flexibility in time. Students can take an exam according to their own convenience and the same goes for regular classes.
  • Digital learning is affordable for everyone.

What are the features of a good education app?

There is no more monotony with the daily lessons in the same class for students as well as the teachers because once you have digitized your syllabus, there is a high feasibility of updating the lessons and syllabus as often as it is required. Not just the updated syllabus but the overall opportunities are endless in this arena.

Many education app development companies are working on their toes to come up with as many exciting innovations in the education app development industry as possible. The customer base is endless for this industry and there are too many open ends to cater to. This is the reason that so many business visionaries, educational establishments and education app developers are constantly working towards a digital future for the students around the world.

But to make an education app so exciting takes a set of features which should be mandatory to make the app popular among the target audience.

Some of those features are as following:

  • Database

The most important feature that has to be added to an education app is the content of that app. It is as important a feature as it is delicate. The content or the database of any educational app must be age appropriate, informative, education board approved, and as engaging as possible. Straightforward or dull content will not succeed in holding the attention of children for a long time.

Most importantly, it should progress in a thoughtful manner, and not with random chapters without a progressive series. Chapter to chapter must be a smooth transition according to the development of a child’s brain.

  • Appealing UI and UX

The next most important thing to keep in mind as a developer is to provide age-appropriate app design to all the age groups of students. It is not necessary that if you’re building an educational app, you have to make the design straightforward and serious. Rather, it can be as interactive as possible. If the app design ignites the curiosity in students then half of the goal is achieved because learning will come organically to students if they’re interested in learning at the first look.

  • Responsiveness and ease of access

It is psychologically proven that Good education apps enhance the interactive quality of students. Therefore, it is crucial that your app is easy to understand for the student and adaptive. Having a complicated interface can have adverse on the students. To make easy interface, essential criteria throughout the range of available educational apps, it is made into a mandatory guideline. It is very important in order to adapt to new aptitudes and learn something after understanding it fully and not by just learning is word by word.

  • Social media integration

This feature in any app works like a cherry on the top. For making the most out of your education app, social media integration is a critical feature. Social networks can help the students make closed groups and share test papers, notes, have discussions and what not. Building a discussion forum instead of social media can also work but the better option to go for is social media because children are already familiar with those platforms and it is easier to relate to.

The time your next big idea hits your mind about an education app, the above-stated pointers will help you in making the most of it an building an app that stands out in the Mobile app development market.

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