Nasal Filter the Basic Necessity

Almost every year government of India announces Delhi people to stay inside their houses, the reason is very simple and common, pollution level in Delhi becomes so high that there is no other option left for government, many schools are being shut for weeks due to this condition, air of Delhi is so bad already and Diwali crackers makes it more polluted. Especially for people suffering from respiration problems like asthma, chronic obstruction and any other issue which might be smaller may increase to a great extent meanwhile nose mask for dust are doing really great work for protection.

Average PM (particulate matter) is 100 but Delhi scores 800 in it, that is 8 times higher than it actually had to be, the percentage of the particulate increases from normal due to which there are more problems like skin irritation, lungs infection, many are facing stomach problem due to contaminated street food, and many things like eyes itchiness, redness in eyes.

The solutions which are important for common man and necessary to take are as follows:

  • Bring an air purifier for home, the size of the air purifier depends upon the size of the house, if it is too big or it is in floor partitions then bring 2-3 small-small purifiers and put near the outlets of the house like the windows and the doors leading to outside air and may be near balcony so that as soon as air enters the house it gets purified and try to avoid opening windows and door.
  • Bring nasal filter for all your house members according to their needs and requirements, for example for elderly people staying mostly at home may be got by a face mask and people stay out of the house in most of the hours must have buy nasal filter. Nasal filter helps to protect against those air that consists of dirt particles, Sulphur, carbon, aluminum particles, PM2.5 and many more such particles which can cause many diseases to newborn babies, school going students, office going people, measure problem is for Babies and elderly people they are at high risk to health diseases.
  • Start dumping the 2-3 bucket of water in front of your house which will clean the air some at least some time and by daily practicing it by thousands of people reduce the level of pollution by much extent.
  • Start planting more and more air purifier plants into your house balcony, indoor plants into the bedrooms and living room which makes the air fresh naturally and without using any chemical.
  • Plant more and more plants and tree on the rooftop of your house or in the backyard of your houses which helps the air to get purify much easier.
  • Start wearing full sleeve clothes to avoid any kind of skin problem and try to cover the face when comes in contact with air of outer environment.

By adding all the steps into your life makes life easier and will helps to decrease the pollution levels and recover the environment bit by bit and do not forget to buy nasal filter.

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