Oil Change Deals Made Easy

The relationship between a driver and a car or truck is a special one. It is your way of getting around. Part of that connection is taking good care of your vehicle. Keeping your car or truck well-sorted feels even better when you get a great deal on it. For example, getting a special on an oil change can be exciting. It is even more exciting when you get to pick up some extra parts with your savings.

Saving on Oil Changes

Perhaps the best way to save money when you need an oil change is to do it yourself. That idea makes a lot of less confident car owners cringe. However, changing your oil is easy. It is one of the simplest maintenance tasks and anyone can do it with a few basic items.

All you need it a wrench, a drain panel, a funnel, some shop towels, a new filter and new oil. The oil and filter you would have to buy anyway when you go to your mechanic, likely at a premium. Furthermore, the wrench, drain pan and funnel you only need to buy once.

The process is simple. Just drain your existing oil, install the new filter, add the new oil then recycle your old oil at your local auto parts store. Even without any special discounts, you’ll be saving money right away by avoiding overpriced oil and labor.

Of course, you can take things a step further by taking advantage of special savings on oil. Simply keep an eye out for promotions from your favorite retailer. Engine oil will keep for a long time, so you can easily stock up during a sale.

Also, keep an eye out for savings on your oil filter replacement. Again, if you see a good price, simply stock up on a few. You’ll be glad you did the next time you go to change your oil. There’s nothing quite like working on your vehicle knowing you also saved money doing it.

Get Great Deals on Parts

If you are feeling confident and want to take your auto maintenance a step beyond oil changes, check out some deals on parts. If you order some replacement parts along with your filter and oil, chances are you can even get free delivery on auto parts.

Cars and trucks are much simpler than they may at first appear. Anyone can learn to perform basic maintenance tasks such as oil changes. There’s even more incentive to give it a try when you realize how much you can save by doing the work yourself. So, the next time your vehicle needs some maintenance work, think about getting under the hood yourself.

Get Started

Of course, you can’t get far with even a basic oil change if you don’t have the right materials and tools. Check out your favorite auto parts store. You can find everything you need for an oil change pretty much anywhere. Once you’ve got a drain pan, funnel, wrench, filter and oil, you’ll be ready to go. So, get started today and proudly work on your car or truck.

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