Paint Colour Ideas for Creating a Warm and Welcoming Home

Home is the other name for togetherness, comfort, and leisure. It is a platform for countless memorable moments. Home is your happy retreat from the busy world. So, you want to place which is warm, welcoming and snugly.

Painting the interior of your home is the beginning of creating a cosy and comfortable environment for you and your loved ones. Moreover, it is the most effective and quickest way to bring in the transformation to your humble abode.

From earth tones to rich intimate hues of orange, traditional to modern, and everything in between, there are all kinds of colours that suit your décor and instantly warm up your space. Colours can evoke emotions, create mood and bring in memories of a far off place.

Warm colours have a good impact on the overall mood of the inmates. It can bring some light into a darker room which lacks the natural light and gives the bright illusion.

Warm Colours and Cool Colours

The warm colour reminds you of the heat and sunshine. They depict heightened emotions and passion for joy and playfulness. Warm colours are stimulating, good for rooms that see a lot of activity. This includes yellow, red, orange and combination of these or similar colour tones.

On the contrary, cool colours are typified with undertones of purple, violet, blue and green. They evoke the feeling of calmness and have a soothing effect. Cool colours make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Receding effect of cool colours can make you meditative as if you are losing yourself in a limitless blue sky.

Colour can really impact how you feel in your space. Warm colour can make a huge room look more intimate and cosy, whereas cool colour scan can make smaller rooms seems spacious.

Let’s have a look at a warm and inviting list of colours:

Yellow- colour of the sun

A typical warm colour, yellow is perhaps the most peaceful of the lot. It is the colour of sunshine, happiness, and wealth. Yellow rooms tend to promote enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and optimism.

Stick to the tones on the lighter end of the yellow spectrum, more pastel such as soft buttery yellow for your bedrooms as brighter shades can be too arousing for a place meant to relax. However, in the living room, dining room or kitchen, brighter shades of yellow such as zesty yellow, warm amber or rich golden can be perfect.

Red – a noticeable bold colour

It a bright colour that people immediately stop to take notice. Red is colour of both love and danger. This colour is known to increase productivity and memory retention. It a bold choice for any room which works well in active spaces where guests are hosted such as living rooms or converted basements.

There is a wide range of shades of red that can work beautifully in any space. Darker red shades such as maroon, burgundy gives a very sophisticated and warm look. If you have your doubts about an entirely red room, try painting your accent wall with warm red.

Orange- a colour so serene

Colour of pumpkins and falling leaves, orange reminds you of Halloween. This vibrant colour expresses energy and faith. Although a noticeable colour is not as jarring as compared to red, so it works well in a variety of spaces.

Welcoming nature of orange makes it distinctive for kitchens, living rooms, play areas and bathrooms. While going for orange colour takes care of the combination of the decor you are using it with. For instance a combination of orange with yellow may not be liked by everyone.

Brown- the colour of earthiness 

In the world of interior design, brown is the colour of choice. It is fun to play around with as it works well with any design style, décor, and every colour. It has replaced neutral greys and is the colour of the moment. Its shades range from soft latte to a rich, dark espresso or chocolate brown.

Brown is a safe, warm colour that invokes the desire to have natural things around you. It makes people comfortable, relaxes and grounded. It is the choice of colour for those who want to create intimacy in their space.

Final words

There are no particular rules about colours. Just envision the feeling you want to create in the room. Moreover, choose the best paint professional from the directory who can help hone in on the colour you want for your home. A pro can also advise you on the combination, specific paint colour and texture for your home.

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