Recovery Phase in Terms of Pituitary Surgery

In case if you need to prepare yourself for a pituitary surgery it does make sense to be prepared all about the surgery. The onus would be on you to self-educate and understand more about the process. If you are aware on what the surgery is all about you feel comfortable and find yourself in a better mental space in terms of the surgical wonders.

First and foremost as far as this gland is concerned it is located at the base of the brain. When any abnormal growth occurs of tumour then it becomes a cause of concern. The main function of this gland is leading to the production of hormones. Their role is really important from the metabolism point of view as well. It does peps up the metabolism rate just as your body does rely on food for energy.

If the chances are that you had surgery under the region of the skull you are expected to be tired for a few weeks after the surgery. The problems with concentration or headache could also arise. But no need to worry as all these problems will fade away after 6 weeks. Any cut that is being made is likely to be sore for close to 5 days after the surgery. A certain degree of swelling or bruising does arise at the point of surgery as well.  For sure it is going to itch. But with ice packs or medications you can obtain optimum relief considerably.

Once the surgery is over you will find that he scalp in your fluid. Once the fluid goes on to reduce the chance of a dent also increase.

Now if the surgery is undertake under a nose  you will come across a runny nose or a headache for a few days after the surgery. This is likely to continue for a few weeks after the surgery. At the same time the doctor is going to prescribe medicines so as to get rid of the symptoms. Once this surgery is over you are likely to come across some less common symptoms as well. You might be accepted to gain weight, be tired after a short activity and the upper portion of the lips may be prone to being numb. You may lose the sensation of smell and the upper portion of the eyes may be prone to swelling as well. In case if the doctor has gone on to use a small portion of the fat that is taken from the belly it is prone to swelling. But a small scar is going to be there once the surgery is over. You are expected to return back to work after a couple of weeks the surgery is over

The best pituitary tumour treatment hospital in India does lay a lot of stress as far as the recovery process is concerned. How soon you are able to recover would depend on how you are able to take care of yourself after a surgery.

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