Richard Blech Talks About Data Security in Detail

Data security is one of the key issues for organizations and businesses these days. Making sure that your data is safe is vital for the business organizations. As per a recent report it has been found that data loss has turned out to be the top cyber security challenge which large as well as medium scale businesses are facing. In short, data security is the practice of securing the data. It is also referred to as IT Security, information security or electronic information security. Using various software and hardware technologies data can be secured, for instance, firewalls, antivirus, two-factor authentication, encryption, software patches, updates, etc.

Richard Blech is an investor, innovator and entrepreneur. His key business focus is on technology, data security and strategic alliances. Being a managing member of Imperium Management LLC, Richard invests in technologically advanced ventures actively. He has an astute ability to determine market trends that are not only profitable, but also pave the way to technological advancement all through the globe. At present, Richard is the CEO of Secure Channels Inc. which is a high tech/data security company. Richard is a well-known name in the cyber security world and has been featured in more than 200 times in major publications, such as Politico, Forbes and NBC.

There is a common misconception among people that only the governments, big organizations, and businesses get targeted by cyber-perpetrators. But the fact is that this is just not correct. Data security is not just vital for governments or businesses but it is also important for personal tablet, computer, and mobile devices. Attackers often target the common people for getting their sensitive information, for example their banking details, credit card details, passwords, etc. Database security is thus a form of security which is used to safeguard databases and the information they include from getting compromised. Instances of how stored data can be safeguarded are mentioned below:

  • Software is used to make sure that people do not gain access to the database through hacking, viruses, or any related process.
  • The physical constituent of database security could be the continuous monitoring of the database by company personnel to let them to recognize any prospective weaknesses and compromises.
  • One more option through which effective security solutions can be achieved is through administrative controls. This may include the use of passwords, limiting the access of few people to specific parts of the database, or obstructing the right of entry of some company personnel in general.

Richard Blech, the CEO of Secure Channels Inc. ensures that his company offers pioneering, effective security solutions designed to match existing investments in security. Their products offer adaptable encryption, advanced data protection, enterprise confidentiality solutions, authentication and intelligence capabilities and proximity-based monitoring. Located in Irvine, CA, the company aims to assist organizations make the most of their active security tools used for data protection and authentication, while offering and cost and performance effective solution to proficiently address the security challenges which organizations experience today.

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