Skills Required to Become a Front End Web Developer

In the fast paced digital world, almost all businesses are incomplete without a website. Website has become a pre requisite for business as it allows them to interact and build better relations with the employees. There used to be a time when only MNC’s would have a website. These days, even start ups have a website which eventually helps them to grow their business. With the help of websites, world and businesses get connected at a global level. More and more unity game development company managements are spending on websites and are always hunting for skilled web developers.

Market today offers a huge array of jobs to web developers and the demand for the same is increasing rapidly. The person who works on the website of the company is known as the web developer. Everyone is crazy about the internet these days and there is good reason for that too. The internet is a haven for all knowledge and most people look to the internet for solutions to most of their problems. However there are times when the internet connectivity does not work and you simply go crazy. There are times when your government will decide that certain websites are not good for you and censor such website. In most cases, these websites are blocked or banned as well. While this may be an apt solution for the government, this is something that you will not enjoy. This is where a web developer comes in. They are able to provide solutions to complex problems that no one else can solve for them. Web developers are able to work their way around these loopholes and make sure that you have access to the internet and you find new ways to browse the internet as well.

With the world of education becoming more competitive with each passing day, there are a number of people that are looking to enhance their skills and one of the most sought after jobs is that of a web developer. While it is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is not that difficult to master as well. This is where these tips will help you. You will become a master web developer with the help of these tips in no time.

In the world of web development, there are two important aspects which are the front end and the back end. Each of these has their own traits and you will need to understand these better in order to master it. Let us understand these terms better.

Front end: In the layman’s language, the appearance of the website or the visual interface is called front end. Website which is visible to the customers including designs, colours, animations, images, buttons and content comprise of the front end.

Back end: While front end is visible to customers and visitors, back end is not visible to anybody. Back end comprises of coding and database through which the visible data is received and displayed. Back end is more flexible and is purely for technical purposes. Individuals, visitors, users or customers do not have any access to the back end and this part is purely handled by a web developer. 

Simple use case: Simple use case is the entire mechanism which keeps the website working. The components which are used to keep a website active but without displaying to the members or visitors are the back end. On the other hand, the mechanism which we can clearly see, make choice to and fro comes under front end.

There are several risks, tasks and duties of the front end developers. One of the biggest tasks is to ensure a memorable and a convenient experience for the visitor or user in the website. In order to create an impressive web page and layout, there are certain factors to bear in mind. The choice of colour, font, accessibility, animation and convenience are the key requirements.

Some important functions of the front end developer are as follows:

  • Must know how to create, customise and maintain a website. The user interface should always be impressive and convenient.
  • Must be an expertise in creating templates for development of the website and web pages.
  • Must keep updating the styling and look of the website. Attractive website is a plus point for any business.
  • Must know the art of converting static pages into web pages. A web developer should be able to work in a team.
  • Must maintain fair co-ordination with the back end developers in order to put to use the coding language. This should be done for producing interactive and innovative web pages.
  • Must know to edit and control the content which will be displayed for the customers and visitors to read.
  • Must stay updated with the changing markets on domestic and international levels.

The educational qualifications required to become a web developers is to have a degree of computer courses like BCA, B.Tech and B.Sc. Not only the degree is required but also the knowledge of computing language, the mark-up language, art of web browsing, scripting and styling of a language and much more. This field has more requirements of skilled persons than the qualified ones. There are a few skills which are primary for a web developer. They are as follows:

  • Companies and top MNC’s expect the web developers to be well versed with the HTML language, syntax and tags. These come under mark up language.
  • Web developers should have the basic knowledge of CSS 2 and CSS 3. These terms are abbreviations of the term cascading sheets.
  • Perfect knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery is the top most expectation from a web developer.
  • Apart from the above three, knowledge of testing, debugging, pagespeed, performance optimization tools, Photoshop, wordpress, object oriented programming, SEO, flash and Dreamviewer is also required.

Since the demand for digital business and marketing is growing, the demand for web developers is also increasing.

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