Sportbike Gear/Kabuto FF 5V Helmet SR Tested Product Review

Motorcycle riding is more than just a mode of transportation. For many people, it is a lifestyle. Therefore, many riders want their motorcycle riding gear to not only protect them but also to fit their attitudes toward and preferences for riding. This is perhaps most evident in riders’ choices of helmet.

For many sportbike owners, Kabuto has some great offerings. This brand, which is new to the US and named after helmets worn by samurai, offers a line of Snell/DOT-standard helmets with some great features and amazing designs. The FF-5V is Kabuto’s top of the line model and well worth considering for any serious sportbike rider.

The Features 

The Kabuto FF-5V features a lot of technology and design work that makes it more protective and comfortable than other helmets. For example, the shell is made from an advanced composite of fiberglass and organic fiber materials. This makes it both strong and lightweight.

An extended rear shape provides the FF-5V with a more aerodynamic shape. This is further aided by two plastic spoilers in the back that help keep smooth airflow over the helmet.

Comfort is essential to an effective helmet and, as all riders know, full-face helmets can get hot. Kabuto addressed this with two adjustable intakes vents on the top front of the helmet. There are also two exhaust vents on the top rear of the helmet. Additionally, a chin-bar vent promotes airflow in the user’s face. Together, these vents do a good job of keeping the air moving through the helmet.

The face shield is designed to take a Pinlock anti-fog laminate. One of these is included with the helmet. The shield also features a tool-less/cover-less SAF pivot system. This allows users to replace the shield relatively easily.

Finally, the comfort liner is removable and washable. It also does a good job is keeping moisture away from the rider’s face.

The Good 

All-in-all the FF-5V is a good sportbike helmet. In a lot of ways, the best head protection is the helmet that the rider finds comfortable enough to keep wearing. The Kabuto FF-5V definitely fits this bill. It also meets Snell/DOT standards for protection. These are some of the high points of the helmet:

  • The fit and comfort are very good. It stays comfortable for extended riding.
  • There is very little wind noise if the vents are closed.
  • The ventilation creates strong airflow.
  • Replacing face shields is comparatively easy.
  • The face shield seal is good, especially for having a tool-less pivot system.
  • The anti-fog laminate works well.
  • Aerodynamics are good even at speed.

The Bad

While the FF-5V is a good helmet, especially at its reasonable price point, it isn’t flawless. These are a few of the drawbacks:

  • The face shield really needs the anti-fog laminate, otherwise is fogs easily.
  • Despite being strong, the ventilation only covers a limited area.
  • The helmet is a little difficult to get on due to a small opening.
  • Fit and finish could be better.

The Verdict

The most important part of selecting your motorcycle riding gear is making sure it works for you. Nonetheless, the Kabuto FF-5V is a strong candidate for any sportbike rider. It is comfortable, stylish and offers some great features.

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