The 5 Ideal Colors of Granite Countertops to Have in Your Kitchen

It’s no wonder why granite is one of the most popular choices by homeowners when it comes to their kitchen countertops. Granite has the style and elegance that appeals to many, thanks to its beautifully dappled and swirled surface patterns. Besides its aesthetic appeal, granite has also become the homeowner’s choice because of its durability.

When you are considering granite for your kitchen countertop, you’ll be welcomed by different options for its colors. For a little help, here are the top five colors to choose if you want a granite countertop for your kitchen.

Luna Pearl

The shine that mother-of-pearl provides to your kitchen can indeed add to the elegance of your entire kitchen atmosphere. You should pick this granite color if you want to bring to your kitchen an aesthetic appeal like the one that a marble countertop gives, but more durable than the latter.

Luna Pear is ideal if you have a white or gray kitchen color theme. It’s also best to match with cherry, maple, and wooden furniture pieces. If you’re looking for this type of kitchen countertop material, you can check sites like for that purpose.

Azul Platino

Are you the type of person who is averse to bold or flashy kitchen style? Well, Azul Platino granite countertop is for you. This granite color can bring wonders to your kitchen area through its pure beauty. It has a find blue tones that you would mistake for a combination of black and white at first glance.

If you have a contemporary kitchen style, shades of blue can match the clean and neat design elements of your modern kitchen.

Santa Cecilia

As one of the favorite granite slabs by homeowners and kitchen designers, you shouldn’t exclude the Santa Cecilia granite kitchen countertop from your choices. It has a combination of fading black tones and rich brown accents which is simply perfect to create balance and harmony in your kitchen area.

If you think there are too many options for you when choosing the ideal color of your countertop, the Santa Cecilia will help you solve your problem. This granite slab can blend to almost any style of kitchen whether it be a traditional or contemporary kitchen.

Typhoon Bordeaux

This granite slab is the go-to choice for you if you have a light-color-themed kitchen with red flooring. Typhoon Bordeaux comes in various colors such as gray, brown, and red. This type of kitchen countertop material can also bring elegance to a kitchen that has beige or cream kitchen cabinets.

The Typhoon Bordeaux also works well with kitchen furniture materials such as walnut, oak, and cherry. You can also pick this type of granite countertop for your Spanish-themed kitchen area because red and brown shades provide harmony to the rustic attractiveness of Spanish interior.

Costa Esmeralda

If a combination of green and blue appeals to your interior design preferences, you shouldn’t think twice to pick the Costa Esmeralda granite slab. This granite color can transform your ordinary kitchen into something that has a coastal vibe. It can go well with silvery-white elements in your kitchen, making it a calm place to do your kitchen tasks.

Also, if you love to pepper a manly atmosphere to your overall kitchen design, the Costa Esmeralda is also ideal because it can complement well with your stain-grade kitchen cabinets.  The good thing is that this granite kitchen countertop is also budget-friendly.


If you’re looking for countertops to make your kitchen stylish and functional, it’s wise to choose granite. Aside from its durability, granite is among the top choices of homeowners because it comes in different beautiful colors and patterns. The list above will provide you with good reasons why granite kitchen countertop should grace your kitchen.

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