The Best Time to Binge-Watch These History-based TV Shows and Movies

With the pandemic still managing to block people from continuing their life in the normal way, just like it was in the pre-coronavirus days, people have more time to watch some useful content.

We all are guilty of dealing with pandemic by binge-watching all of the titles available on internet streaming platforms and Cable TV. And now we have reached a point that we are in shortage of content to watch. Well, we bet that you must have not watched the amazing historical TV shows and films. This is why, in this blog, we have made a list of the history-based content for you to binge-watch before the year ends.

Binge-watching went viral during the pandemic. During the peak of coronavirus spread, an increase in TV watching was observed. According to a survey, an average adult in America spends 6 hours and 25 minutes each day watching TV.

Not only this, but 88% of people in the US have also lost their sleep due to binge-watching TV and TV shows and films on internet-streaming platforms.

This increase in binge-watching among people demanded the creation of more content. However, with pandemic-related restrictions, the production of new content for the screen is still tough for production houses.

On the other hand, cable TV service providers realized the increase in screen timing and decided to help their customers out in the time of crisis. Many cable TV service providers, such as WOW cable TV offers affordable cable TV packages, which make entertainment attainable in the pandemic.

The WOW Channel Lineup includes channels that air programs that can help you in spending the coming pandemic days in peace.

Nevertheless, if you think that you have watched possibly all the content available on the internet and airing on television you might be wrong.

Here is a list of TV shows and films that you can watch to learn some history and also get entertained:

Notre Dame: Race against the Inferno (documentary)

Notre Dame is a documentary that showcases the catastrophic events that unfolded after a fire broke out beneath the roof of Notre-Dam de Paris.

The show displayed the bravery of the city firefighters, who managed to fight with fire for seven hours achieved to control the blaze.

This National Geographic documentary shows exclusive footage and interviews with the people who were present at the time of the horrific fire.

You can stream this documentary on Disney Plus.

The Right Stuff (series)

The 1983, critically lauded but flop at the box office, movie was chosen by National Geographic as its new drama.

With spectacular footages of rockets and planes, the drama series explored the backstories of Alan Shephard, the first American to reach Space.

You can stream the series on Disney plus.

The Personal History of David Copperfield (film)

The Dev Patel starring moving on the life of David Copperfield is a heartfelt and optimistic approach to a different level of society.

The movie features the history of the 19th century from the eyes of David Copperfield. The movie also feature strong supporting characters such as Tilda Winton, Peter Caldor ad Hugh Laurie.

The Uk audience can watch the movie on Disney Plus.

Midway (Film)

The turning point in the Pacific confluent, which resulted in Japan losing four fleet carriers, Midway, is a movie that brilliantly depicts the battle of Midway.

The director of the movie Roland Emmerich and the writer Wes Tooke correctly portrayed the drama by producing one of the expensive movies ever produced.

Movie with a budget of $100m focuses on the bravery of those who fought n the battle, especially highlighting the sacrifices of airmen.

You can watch it on HBO.

The Americans (series)

The Americans, with its six-season airing from 2013 till 2018 display the chill of the Cold War in the time of Reagan years.

The series portrays that emotional ride that was dialed in the duplicity within the Jennings’ marriage.

The series is the perfect binge-watch option and can be streamed on HBO.

Mank (Film)

After winning just one Academy Award, which was awarded the director of Citizen Kane; Orson Welles, and the writer; Herman J Mankiewicz, tensions erupted between the two men. Mankiewicz was notably upset about how Welles took credit for the screenplay work in the movie.

This movie directed by David Fincher of Fight Club shows Gary Oldman in the title role.


If you think you are running out of content to watch during the pandemic, then this blog will help you.

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