The Exciting Journey of a Bump to Baby

Pregnancy is the best moment in the life of a woman. This is one of the big news that you’d want to shout out to the entire world. Along with such happiness comes responsibility. This is also one of the crucial points for a woman to look after her health. While you wait for your bundle of joy to grow inside and come to the world, it is your very own responsibility to be healthy. In today’s world, being healthy is one of the biggest challenges which many of us face. It is nothing but the social pressure that is around us to be unhealthy. People have started evolving very much with respect to the food they eat and drink. As a pregnant woman, all I got in my first few weeks were free advice. Luckily my mom was around and I was able to convert some of these pieces of advice into actions. But the actual challenge was something different and I started to face this only in the 4th month of my pregnancy when my body started changing a lot. I was not the normal person I used to be.

One thing I clearly understood about being pregnant is you are not one person anymore. The embryo needs a lot of curated vitamins and minerals to grow into a healthy baby. Reading a lot of online blogs helped to understand what are the demands. Joining pregnancy yoga to nutritionist counseling at one of the maternity clinics in Bangalore kept me physically and mentally healthy. Most of us have this preconceived fear that something might happen to you if you bend or even walk. I have seen many pregnant women being bedridden and this may cause a lot of problems. Gestational diabetes is one of the painful things that can happen to you if your sugar levels are beyond control during your pregnancy. Naturally, your blood sugar level tends to increase while you are pregnant and hence physical exercise and controlled pregnancy diet will keep your blood sugar level intact. Visiting one the best gynecologist in Bangalore gave me a boost to my dying confidence on how to face the 3rd trimester

Some of the best practices you should be following for a healthy pregnancy are:

  • Eat the right food in the right quantities. Food cravings are essential parts of being pregnant as your taste glands tend to act a little different than usual. The higher level of taste buds will want you to try different kinds of food. But always remember too of anything is not good. Consulting with your gynecologist or your mom who is the best doctor around is the most suggested one.
  • Do not hesitate to indulge yourself in physical exercise. This can do a lot of wonder to your body than you know. It actually helps in toning your body in a way that you prepare yourself for labor. Also, the chances of natural delivery or normal delivery are higher with people who are physically active.

Be confident throughout your pregnancy journey and do not forget to put on that beautiful smile of yours and rest is assured.

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