The Guide to acquire a Canadian Study Visa Successfully

Canada is revered as the leading attractions for students from all across the world. Numerous students apply to get enrolled in Canadian universities each year. Depending on guidelines, some of these students might or might not need to hold a Canadian Study Visa. For students who are scheduled to attend a course of minimum six months, it is mandatory to apply for a Canada Study Visa.

Top Study Visa Consultants for Canada have shared few tips based on which this guide to acquire a Canadian Study Visa successfully is being shared with the readers.

  1. Prerequisites for applying for Canadian Visa:

It is mandatory for students to hold an admission acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) before applying for a Canadian Study Visa. The universities falling in the DLI list are certified by the Government of Canada.

Students applying for a study permit for Canada should additionally be able to afford the expenses for the duration of their stay. Owing to this fact, they are also required to submit proofs to support the fact that they will bear the cost of living and studying in Canada.

Top Study Visa Consultants for Canada additionally share that students applying for a visa will also need to undergo medical check – ups.

Applicants should also not be holding any past criminal records in their names.

  1. Cases where you might not need to apply for a Canadian Study Visa:

Students will not be required to apply for a Canadian Study Visa if:

  • They are the kins or staff members of any foreign representatives inside of Canada or members of the foreign armed forces.
  • If the duration of the course is shorter than six months.
  • If they are Indian citizens whose statuses are registered in Canada.

A Canada Student Visa can be applied either offline or online. Applicants can additionally seek the help of top study visa consultants for Canada to help them in the process of application.

  1. What will you require for the Canadian Study Visa:

It is mandatory to possess a valid passport. This implies, that during the course of a student’s stay in Canada, their passports should not expire. Consider for an example that your course is 3 years long and you fly off to Canada on 3rd December 2018, in such a case you visa should have a validity till 4th December 2019.

Students are additionally required to submit their financial documents. Subsequently they will also have to provide the receipts of paid fees in Section C of the Canadian Student Visa Application and the proofs to support your ability to bear the annual stipulated living costs which amounts to CAD 10, 000 approximately.

Top immigration consultants for Canada also share that, students will have to submit their passport size photographs – 35mm x 45mm in dimensions in case the students are applying offline. In cases of applications that are made online, digital photographs will have to be submitted and the file size should not exceed 4 MB.

A statement of purpose will also be required that states the purpose because of which the applicant is joining the university. In conjugation to that it should also state the purpose of your stay in Canada.

The processing fee for Canada is needed to be paid by a credit card. The fee for the Canadian Visa application is CAD 150 in the application is being made online.

Top Study Visa Consultant for Canada guarantee that above process if followed stringently and in a fair manner can help every student to acquire a study visa for Canada.

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