The Real Problem with School Shooting. How to Cope with It?

School shootings are every parent`s and teacher`s nightmare. Considering the list of school shootings in the USA, we can come to conclusion that serious preventative measures should be immediately taken.

Exploring the Issue of Using Firearms in Educational Institutions

Since 1996, more than 50 tragic cases of senseless use of firearms have happened in American schools and universities, with the victims of which were dozen innocent people. Almost always, shooting is arranged by pupils or students. The last case occurred in Ohio, where on February 27, a high school student shot a group of teens in a school dining room. What it was that drove him out of his mind. We try to explore and discover what the problem really is so that we can move forward looking for effective solutions. Understanding the issue clearly and truly helps us find the best solutions to it.

In our opinion, the reason of most school shootings is that, person, who has homicidal intentions, may legally or illegally obtain firearms, easily hide and bring those firearms to school or college without being detected.
Investigating deeply all aspects of this problem, we have come up with the following solutions:

Universal Gun Control

The access to firearms should be restricted to prevent someone from using weapons to kill others. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of firearms circulated throughout the country and the majority of them are unregistered. It will take a lot of times before any significant steps are made towards this solution. But we shouldn’t give up and pursue this solution, just believing that situation will be changed for better.

Selective gun control

What does it mean background checks and waiting period? People who support selective gun control know how these two measures work. Background checks are made to analyze historical indicators of the person that correspond with the potential malicious intent on firearms. Waiting periods are meant to prevent people with impulsive homicidal intent from purchasing and receiving the firearms. However, even psychologists are not able to explain how difficult and almost impossible it is to measure someone’s intent.

Modern teacher should become a security guard

Teaching is not only about executing lesson plans and grading homework – it is about devoting your whole life to children. We live in dangerous times. Mass public shootings are on the rise, and schools have become the most vulnerable targets. The world-known school shooting incidents have sent distraught parents and educators on a search for effective preventative measures. In fact, carrying a gun is not for everybody. You should be morally, mentally, and physically prepared. A very small percentage of American teachers should be allowed to be trained and armed. They should be able to respond to injuries, provide medical assistance, and use firearms effectively against any threat that can happen. They should be confident to a certain extent in dangerous situations.

Mental Instability

Another solution is to provide researches and practices targeted at treatment of mental instability that is the reason of homicidal intent. It is a good way to reduce cases of school shootings but is not so reliable and effective to prevent this problem forever.

We should talk more about this dangerous issue and look for solutions together. We need to look at and provide services for the factors drive aggressive and violent behaviors. There must be more security at schools. Social and emotional skills should be taught at school as a way to prevent kid’s violence. We should keep our children safe!

Take responsibility for those you bring by.

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