Things that immigrants should learn about the Express Entry System for Canada

The Express Entry System for Canada was brought into existence in 2015. The aim was to streamline the process of immigration to Canada and making it economical at the same time. The Express Entry System for Canada is a fast – track way to attract talent from all over the world to Canada.

Since the time of its inception, invitations exceeding 50000 have been issued to immigrants for applying for a PR Canada under the Express Entry, Federal Skilled Worker and Skilled Trade and the Canadian Experience Class programs apart from a handful provincial nominee programs in line with Express Entry.

The Canadian Express Entry System is a widely preferred way of immigrating to Canada as confirmed by the best immigration consultants Canada. Given this fact, you might be curious to learn about a few facts in regards to the Express Entry Program. The best immigration consultants for Canada share key facts that can be instantly referred before an applicant sets to apply for immigration to Canada through the captioned program:

  1. It is imperative to have polished language skills:

As per the best immigration consultants Canada, polished language skills may earn an applicant extensive weightage. While this may come across as a surprise for all of us, this fact indeed holds true! When the factors related to core human capital are being considered, language skills play a major role. This is one parameter based on which the eligibility as well as the adaptability of an applicant, may be judged.  In view thereof, the applicants that are highly proficient in English and/or French will have higher possibilities of procuring a PR visa to Canada under the Express Entry program.

  1. Submission of biometric details:

It was very recently that a mandate has been laid for applicants willing to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry program to submit their biometric details. These include fingerprints as well as photographs while the application is being filed for a PR visa for Canada. Submission of biometric details is compulsory since 31 July 2018 for the immigrants that are migrating from Europe, Middle East as well as Africa.

According to the best immigration consultants Canada, the aim behind making the submission of biometrics mandatory is to confirm the credentials of applicants along with making the entire application process easier for the low – risk travelers.

  1. Most suited way to network with Canadian employers:

Canadian employers have the access to Express Entry pool in numerous ways. These ways incorporate job banks, provincial nominee programs, and private sector job boards. These are suitable for both job – seekers as well as employers to network with one another.

Now that you are aware of all the above – mentioned facts about the Express Entry System for Canada and wish to apply for the same, you can approach best immigration consultants for to apply for visiting visa to Canada

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