Tip to Keeping your Pets away from Harmful Pests

Owning a pet at home is not just about bringing joy to every corner of the house but also having a companion that you can be with.  Although pets can bring trouble sometimes like toppling down or breaking your things, they are still adorable and cute in so many ways. However, along with the happy moments your pet brings lies a truth that can never be denied – pests.

Despite this, there are still many ways on how to keep your pets clean and away from harmful pests. Keeping them safe from pests like fleas, ticks, and parasite should definitely go first in line, so follow these easy tips to keep your pets clean and healthy.

Use the Proper Shampoo When Bathing Your Pets

The best defense so far for harmful pests is to make this step as often as possible. Ticks and fleas are most abundant during summer where the heat of the sun can increase the numbers of pests. Also, understand that when you bathe your pets, using a proper shampoo for them is a must. There are some animals that are sensitive to chemicals which could make the problem worst. So, you can browse online to know what shampoos are suitable for your pets. You can also visit your local vet clinic for consultation and recommendation. 

Trim Your Lawns from Time to Time

Pets, when walked outside, tend to become more playful. Pets such as dogs love to explore certain areas where they can roll themselves and find something they like. With that said, lawns with high grasses are the perfect place for ticks to hide. That’s why always consider trimming your lawn, so your pets can avoid getting ticks. Ticks can be a serious problem for pets as they can possibly bring ailments like Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and anaplasmosis when left untreated.

Keep Them Away from Harmful Spiders

In the US alone, there are more than 4,000 species of spiders that can enter your homes anytime. Although most of them are completely harmless, some can still be dangerous to you and your pests. For instance, the Black Widow is a spider that is considered to be the most dangerous type. It is known for its red hourglass look from its shiny black body. Its bite is so potent that it can instantly be damaging to you or your pets. Also, if you happen to see a color reddish or greenish spider along with its striped legs, you might be seeing a banana spider. This spider, sometimes called Nephila, can be harmful too. However, its sting is not as potent and dangerous as the Black Widow. Despite this, when you see a bite from a banana spider, don’t neglect it. What does a banana spider bite look like? Most of the time, there would be redness, pain, and blisters that can last within 24 hours. If this happens, get medical treatment right away. Also, do note that some and even pets are allergic to its venom, so don’t take it lightly. 

Keep your House Clean In and Out

A cleaner home means that the people living in the area are healthier, and this includes your pets too. After all, your pet is already a part of your family. So, keep the floors clean. The carpets should also be vacuumed and the furniture wiped with a clean cloth to avoid dust and dirt from accumulating as this can spawn pests. Don’t forget your windows and doors too as their nooks and crannies could also be a spot for pest infestations.

On the outside, rainwater that is collected from your old tire and gutter has to be removed away since mosquitos can lay eggs and could potentially harm you and your pets too. Be sure to check all the things where an insect can stay like empty flower pots and bottles. In this way, your outdoor area is also kept clean and safe for your pets to wander around. 

Check your Pets for any Infestation

Pests can also live underneath the fur of your pets, usually during summer time. So, check your pets frequently. If you see one, immediately remove it on your pet’s fur. You can use a tweezer, especially when it’s a small one. Sanitize yourself afterwards to keep yourself clean. If the infestation goes overboard, you can always visit your vet for assistance.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your pets away from harmful pests. It’s better to practice prevention first as visiting the vet can be really costly. As long as your pets are healthy and you follow the suggested tips above religiously, you’ll have more enjoyable moments with your pets.

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