Tips for Overcoming Addictive Personality

Addictive personality is not all about the addiction to drugs. It also entails finding it difficult to control enjoyable activities. Of course, people find it hard to overcome this annoying addictive difficulty. However, you can take certain steps to control it. Here are the top steps you can take to control addictive personality.

Comfort Eating

Don’t turn to food to feel good. Doing so you will be encouraging addictive personality. So, if you feel overwhelmed, stressed, sad, and disappointed, turning to food to feel good is one form of an addictive personality. Of course, comfort eating isn’t a bad habit. However, with time it can cause obesity, food addiction, as well as binge eating. You can avoid overeating through indulging in restorative activities like meditation, bath relaxation, swimming, and sleeping more.

Don’t Drink Alcohol to Socialize

Another form of an addictive personality is taking alcohol before you socialize. According to the stats, most heavy drinkers find it easy to take alcohol before they can socialize. Over time, it leads to overindulgence in drugs and alcohol. To these people, taking a glass of wine or beer seems like the easiest way of lowering inhibitions—making it easy to laugh with your friends. However, this can be counterproductive in the long run. When you don’t have a drink, you will feel extremely bored and even anxious when around sober people. So, instead of relying on drugs and alcohol to connect with people, find common activities and interests. For instance, you can watch a football match together. You can also hold a party without getting your guests to drink.

Don’t Stay Hyperconnected on the Internet

Of course, being online all the time is considered normal in this digital era. However, it can lead to internet addiction. So, use the internet moderately. For instance, don’t surf through the net 24/7 a day. Also, avoid checking your email account or Facebook every hour. Don’t use the internet to gamble, do sex, or shop excessively. It can lead to complex addictions that can be costly in your life. Limit your time on the net. Go offline during bedtime.

Intimacy Shouldn’t Be Replaced With Sex

Sex is good. Sex is commonly associated with intimacy. However, sex addiction can lead to an addictive personality. If you find yourself constantly seeking sexual arousal or satisfaction, then you are suffering from sex addiction. Sex addiction can create problems with your spouse. According to experts, it can end up creating a distance between the two of you. With sex addiction, you risk forgetting about your partner’s feelings. All you want is sexual gratification. So, learn how to restore your intimacy back after being sexually addicted.

Don’t Shop To Boost Your Self-esteem

One of the main causes of over-shopping in people is low self-esteem. In most cases, shopaholics tend to run into debts. In their mind, overspending on clothes, gadgets, and other personal belongings can boost their self-esteem. So, don’t bolster your ego with over-shopping. Instead, look for the right tips for boosting your self-esteem.

Other Tips

  • Don’t seek excitement from gambling
  • Don’t think smoking is right
  • Don’t use drugs to self-heal common conditions such as pain, trauma, and insomnia
  • Don’t use marijuana for relaxation
  • Don’t believe that quitting drugs is too difficult

The Bottom-Line

Of course, addictive personality is difficult to control. However, that doesn’t mean letting it take over your life.  Defined as difficult to control enjoyable activities, addictive personality can negatively affect your life. However, you can control it with the above steps.

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