Tips To Make Successful Posts On Facebook

You already made the logo, created the fan page and asked all your friends and acquaintances to follow you … And now? How to make your posts successful on Facebook and generate a lot of engagement? You should know that this platform rewards publications that are attractive to readers. This is measured by seeing if what you put generates active (like /share/comment) or passive actions (see photo albums).

Here you can see some of the things you can do to make your posts more engaging on Facebook – this not only helps more people to see you but also because the more engagement your posts generate, the less money Facebook charges for promoting them.


The Best size to make Facebook posts is 40 characters Even if Facebook allows you to write more than Twitter, do not abuse this. Just to see a post saturated with letters, the eye gets tired and avoids reading it. Try to write little text post. 


Very important. Images. Images. Images. Your publications compete with your sister’s baby picture and your best friend’s wedding. If you do not put content that is visually appealing, it will most likely go unnoticed.


Remember that people only read your home page, NEVER get into your fan page. If you want to establish an image and a tone, it is very important that each post has visual consistency. You can achieve this by using the same tones/filters for the photographs, placing a frame around it and also putting your logo in a watermark. Take care that it is not intrusive and that it does not cover the image.


Is something important happening in the world? Can you say something funny and that is related to your brand? I do not mean “happy Friday, guys” or “The year has already begun… What are your purposes? “Think of things that really make sense to your communication.


As much as your followers like to go to the movies, get their nails or buy fashionable clothes if your brand does not go with this, you do NOT have to write about it. Leave that to fashion magazines and blogs.

Focus only on talking about things that are relevant to your brand. For example, if you have a restaurant and Holy Week soon comes, do not just tell them “Happy Easter!” But also tell them that you have frozen food that they can take to their trip and thus rest more by not having to cook.

Put the promotional messages in the right place (not in the images):

When you upload promotional status updates, it is very important that you place the marketing message in the appropriate place and not in the images. The space for the promotional texts on Facebook is the space destined for editing text just above the photo. In this way, you avoid being outside the rules of Facebook Ads, which imposes a maximum of 20% of text in each image. To check if you comply with this regulation, the social network offers you the Text Overlay tool.

The rule of 20% text in images is proof that Facebook wants to remove photos with embedded text from its site. To face the situation, we recommend you to promote your brand visually in a creative way: for this you can include the logo integrating it “naturally” or in an original way in the composition of your images to publish. So, this policy does not have to hurt you if you put creativity when composing your publications.


People are in social networks to know about their friends or entertain themselves for a while. Your promotions do not interest them or they will make the day happier. Be witty and timely, you do not have to stand on the court to do marketing in real time. Dare to be funny and you will see that you will have better results than being informative.


If what you are posting is not relevant to your brand, better not even post it. The messages that do not have a clear communication go unnoticed. Instead of telling your followers that “Happy Friday!” Try to post something that gives them value.

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