Top 3 Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Liposuction Procedures

You are probably exercising rigorously in the gym for quite some time and consuming a healthy diet. As a result, you have a healthy body weight. However, you still notice obstinate fat deposits in various parts of your body. This can be very frustrating for you. It prevents you from attaining the ideal figure you desire. Fortunately, prominent cosmetic surgeons say there is a suitable solution to this problem. They suggest you opt for a liposuction treatment to achieve your objective. Research shows it is one of the most popular non-invasive operations women took to reduce body fat.

Alton Ingram  Why are so many women opting for the latest liposuction procedures?

Alton Ingram is one of the most popular plastics and reconstructive surgeons from Nashville, Tennessee. This University of Texas medical graduate has valuable years of experience specializing and practicing in this field. He conducts and supervises various cosmetic surgical operations except for craniofacial surgeries. People from all over America come to him for their treatments including states like Florida. Even his peers in the medical fraternity consider him to be an expert. He has the honor of being a member of much prestigious medical associations as recognition to his services. These include the Tennessee Medical Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Medical Association. This doctor also does his bit to make this world a better place by taking care of the needy. His work with organizations like Operation Smile, Habitat for Humanity and Doctors Without Borders confirms this fact.

This reconstructive surgeon points out the following three important reasons for the popularity of liposuction among women:

  1. Eliminates obstinate fat deposits completely

Dr. Ingram explains liposuction is useful in eradicating obstinate fat deposits in certain areas of a patient’s body. This could include the abdomen, upper limbs, buttocks and regions of the thighs. In some cases, the doctor conducting the operation may apply the suction tube in areas below the chin. This ensures the individual attain the ideal seek figure she desires. No wonder this non-invasive cosmetic treatment is an instant hit among women.

  1. Promotes the production of collagen in the patient’s body

Liposuction not only eliminates obstinate body fat which experts refer to as ‘cellulite.’ It also helps promote the production of collagen in the patient’s body. This unique protein acts as a catalyst in keeping human skin firm and free from wrinkles. As a result, the individual undergoes this treatment looks younger after walking out of the operation theatre.

  1. Boost the patient’s health

The human body also naturally produces fat cells which experts refer to as triglycerides. Very high concentrations of such cells in an individual’s bloodstream can result in a cardiac arrest. However, recent research reveals patients undergoing a liposuction procedure show significant reduction triglycerides levels. In some cases, it can be as much as 43%.

Alton Ingram says undergoing a liposuction treatment can go a long way to helping women regain their self-confidence. The above three reasons confirm this fact without any reasonable doubt. However, they need to ensure a proficient medical professional conducts the operation. Such an expert should have the relevant skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise. Only then can they get the type of results they are looking for.

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