Top 5 Tech Firms on The Adoption to Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

If you will open the internet for some time you will definitely find news on bitcoin every day. Bitcoin and blockchain have spread across every digital media, financial news platforms, social media, and everywhere. Because these two are going to bring a transformation in the world. The existing financial system is going to change dramatically along with other industries.

Here I am going to share the top 5 tech companies which have adopted bitcoin and blockchain technology. You will see how these companies are using bitcoin and blockchain for their business.

In case you are running out of time, you can quickly go through the summary of the full article. Here are the tech firms on adoption to bitcoin and blockchain technology.

  • Microsoft: Helping other businesses to develop their own blockchain network. It is also one of the early companies to accept payment in bitcoin.
  • IBM: Providing blockchain solutions, software, and applications to businesses.
  • Huawei Technologies: Using blockchain technology for its mobile industry for fraud detection.
  • Facebook: Launched its own digital currency using blockchain.
  • Shopify: Accepts payment for its products and services in bitcoin.

Read on the full article to get detailed information on how these tech giants are using bitcoin and blockchain technology. As these companies are involved in bitcoin, so investing in bitcoin can be profitable in the future. Keep reading if you want to know more about ways to earn extra money


Microsoft the most popular software company which is an early adopter of blockchain technology. It is using blockchain technology from the very beginning. In 2014, Microsoft started accepting payments in bitcoin. At that time most people even some companies too, did not know about cryptocurrencies. It had 40 patents at that time which were used as payment gateways.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft attempted to use blockchain in their organization. The tech giant also helped many businesses to develop their own blockchain software with the help of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure, a cloud service by Microsoft helps to build, test deploy, and manage applications


IBM is one of the most promising service providers of blockchain solutions. It provides blockchain-related software and applications to businesses. With its advanced blockchain creator tool, IBM helps other businesses to create their own blockchain network. The tools also help to create smart contracts for businesses. They have many clients from the logistics and supply chain industries. Even many banks have also partnered with IBM for blockchain solutions.

Some of the partner banks of IBM are BMO, UBS, Erste Group, etc. The most popular logistic giant Walmart is also partnered with IBM for blockchain solutions. IBM is providing smart contracts and blockchain solutions to the logistics companies for effective supply chain management and banks for fraud detection and data integrity.

Huawei Technologies

Huwaei Technologies a Chinese telecommunication equipment company trying to use blockchain for its business for reducing fraud. This company aims to use blockchain technology for data integration to transform its business model. Well, the company has not taken any major steps in regard to this matter. But it is going to bring a revolution in the blockchain technology.


Facebook launched its own digital currency named “Libra” in June 2020. This is one of the highest corporate investment in the history of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. A Switzerland based blockchain company has developed this currency with many other investors where Facebook is also a shareholder. Many crypto experts are now comparing LIbra to Bitcoin on whether or not Libra will beat Bitcoin. However, nothing can be said about the prediction, but Libra has received a positive review after it has been launched.


Shopify is one of the most successful web development company who offers you to create your own online store. It has many good features and tools using which you can create your e-commerce site within minutes. This company accepts payments in bitcoin and planning to accept payments in other cryptocurrencies as well.

Final Words 

All of the above tech companies are involved in bitcoin and blockchain technology. This shows that the future of bitcoin and blockchain is going to be very bright. So this is the right time to invest in bitcoin and learn about blockchain technology. I hope the article helped you to know the top 5 tech firms that are involved in bitcoin and blockchain technology.

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